Pay Mafia: Mobsters: Big Apple Review

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Price Check

Paying for iPhone games is not bad in and of itself. There are hundreds of great iPhone games and applications that cost money, and if they keep the price down there is little to complain about. The only issue here is if the price is justifiable. This means that in comparison to the free iPhones games that are similar and available this one has to go above and beyond, warranting it price. Usually a price two dollars or under has little justification that it has to do, but with so many free iPhone games touting the MMO label like iMob Online or iMafia II any pay iPhone game that offers a similar experience has a rough road ahead. Mobsters: Big Apple suffers from this, even if it is one of the better incarnations of this system to date on the iPhone.

Mobsters: Big Apple MySpace

When you start up Mobsters: Big Apple right off the bat you will be asked if you want to link to your MySpace account, where you may have been playing. This is perfect for those who do play Mobsters: Big Apple on MySpace and now want to diversity onto the iPhone. The Mobsters: Big Apple MySpace connection may be the most solid reason to actually purchase Mobsters: Big Apple. If you are not playing Mobsters: Big Apple you are welcome to create a new Playdom account where you are given a unique Playdom ID, which works like a friend code.

Stating Out in Mobsters

When you start your Mobsters: Big Apple account you can choose from four different types that are identified by their speed in energy, health, money, or a little bit of all three. Though there are four of these types in Mobsters: Big Apple, it is still pretty much the same as the three types offered by almost all others. Like all the others you give yourself a name and then Mobsters: Big Apple will give you a basic run down of gameplay. You add people using your Mobsters: Big Apple Playdom ID, missions give you experience and money, money is used for items and weapons, and you can fight other Mobsters: Big Apple players for more than just tough looks.

Design and Favor Points

The design here is cleaner than some, less intricate than others. Mafia Live developers would be jealous, but those on Mafia: Respect and Retaliation would school these graphic novices. Just like all the other games the main focus for the developers of Mobsters: Big Apple is Favor Points. Mobsters: Big Apple Favor Points are purchased with real money and then used on things within the game. The Mobsters: Big Apple Favor Points are just another way for the company to make money and for rich players to cheat. Favor Points, or other point systems in iPhone MMO games, are never a great feature and you would almost hope that charging for the game would get rid of this all together.

In The End

Mobsters: Big Apple is an alright game, and if there were not a dozen others just like it the title may stand out. There are free iPhones games with the same theme that are better than this one, even though it does have a nice MySpace connection. If you play Mobsters: Big Apple already I would recommend it, but if you don’t you can spend your $0.99 on something better. Five out of ten stars.