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World of Warcraft is an obsession of the general public on par with American Idol and SSRIs. The time that the average World of Warcraft players spend hurdling their experiments in logic into the vacuum of cyberspace is frightening at times, likely halting almost all other developments at Blizzard. This passion has lead to the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory, a World of Warcraft iPhone application.

Mobile Armory

Upon first seeing this on the table in the App Store you may think that this is a specially modeled game for the iPhone that takes place in the World of Warcraft universe. This would be a mildly entertaining title that would likely match conventional genre gameplay with the popularity that World of Warcraft has. This would have been noble in a sense, yet that is not what we get. Instead, we get a free iPhone application that is meant strictly to tie into your already existing World of Warcraft account. It does not allow you to actually play World of Warcraft on your iPhone, but instead just look at your account and deal with it in a setting reminiscent of the business world.

Checking In

This may sound a little ridiculous, and it is in so many ways. On the other hand, if you are a dedicated World of Warcraft user and have an iPhone there are few other free iPhone applications that would appeal to you more. World of Warcraft Mobile Armory first asks you to sign in with your World of Warcraft account, password, and region. They allow you to set an automatic login, which is good if you are the only person to use your iPhone and want to check World of Warcraft Mobile Armory on a daily basis. Now you are given a whole list of different options to do with World of Warcraft. You can look at all of your characters, look at every item available in the game, use a “talent calculation” system to help you level up, check the World of Warcraft calendar, and do so many other things that you will really feel as though you are altering your account. This may not sound interesting to non-players, but to that growing subset of WOW obsessive World of Warcraft Mobile Armory makes perfect sense. Seven out of ten stars.

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