The Best Update: iMob Helicopters + 23 Free Respect Points Review

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Offers from the Godfathers

The Godfather has now began to honor one of its most respected and longest running games, iMob Online. After the main update that occurred for iMob Online and a recent string of free Respect Points, the software seems very well conditioned. Any new additions beyond that for iMob Online are gifts in the game, making them a different situation than free Respect Points. More recently, The Godfather has released one for iMob Online, this time acting as an item owned within the title.

Update and Free Respect Points

iMob Helicopters + 23 Free Respect Points is currently the most popular available iMob Online named application available. When you download iMob Helicopters + 23 Free Respect Points it is going to show up on your iPhone desktop as iMob 23. When you open it up it will put ten helicopters into your iMob Account, as well as 23 Respect Points. The helicopter ends up begin more than just a novelty vehicle in your iMob Online account. With an Attack of 29 and a Defense of 31, it will be the most powerful vehicle now available. You will have to reduce your total vehicle load so that the total number includes the helicopter, but this just means selling ten of one of the less important and powerful vehicles. On top of that, you get 23 more free Respect Points, which is nice though the number is somewhat awkward. This will likely leave you with a few Respect Points that you will have no use for and you will have to end up saving them until there is another free Respect Points package offered.

Right On Target

This actually ends up being one of the better offers given to iMob Online players. It does not require you to play iVampires Online, iDragons Online, or Girl Wars Online, and it combines two different things. Most promotional items are actually a detriment to your iMob Online account because they take some of the available spots, yet you want the helicopter in play. Go ahead and download iMob Helicopters + 23 Free Respect Points if you are an iMob Online player. There could be few better choices to make for iMob Online gamers. Seven and three quarters out of ten stars.

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