Kingdoms Old: Kingdoms Live Review

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Nothing New

Kingdoms Live stands out only in the fact that it doesn’t stand out. The only time that Kingdoms Live is even mentioned among the top iPhone game is when Storm8 makes packages of its Legend Points free. Other than this, you can expect a similar experience to those promised from other titles in Storm8’s “Live” series. This does not make it better or worse than most, but it does not compare to some of the better text based iPhone RPGs available or even some of the more celebrated ones offered by Storm8.

Gameplay and Army Codes

Kingdoms Live starts with a stereotypically touch image of medieval warfare, complete with a knight looking you in the face. Once you get into Kingdoms Live you will find the same Live feel as the other games. You buy land, fight other Kingdoms Live players, complete Quests, and get an army using an Army Code system. Everything here is pretty much the same, but neither has the depth or following of Rockstars Live. There is another excuse to spread around a friend code with the Army Code system, which still has a number of web boards and iPhone applications dedicated to it.

Give Me a Reason

The only question here is if there is enough in Kingdoms Live to warrant a commitment of time at this point. There are not enough players of Kingdoms Live to create large-scale armies using Army Codes and it does not look like it is just going to get a shot of popularity all of the sudden. iTunes does brag that there are over 1.2 million players, but at this point it does not seem likely that the number reflects active playing. More than this, the design is simply behind current standards and it tends to run a little slowly.

Not Bad Exactly…

Kingdoms Live is by no reason a bad game, but simply not quite up where others are at this point. Storm8’s Racing Live and Rockstars Live are ones that stand up a little more and if you are going to end up logging the hours hunched over a touch screen it probably should be here. Five out of ten stars.

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