Build up Your Fitness Routine with iFitness

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Keeping fit through the iPhone way is the new fitness mantra. iFitness is a useful application that keeps exercise database comprised of clear pictures and important instructions. So getting back to the perfect shape is now a quick way solution on the palm of your hand. The iPhone application helps you maintain a daily workout routine that is really interesting and enjoyable.

Workout Tips (4 out of 5)

When personal trainers can come as a little more costly affair, iFitness provides you with regular and new exercise effectively and efficiently. The iPhone application contains images of people performing more than 230 exercises along with full text instructions of these exercises. All you need to do is tap on any of the exercises you want to do. You can double tap in order to flip the image. The pictures and the text will guide you through step-by-step instructions of the workout session. iFitness includes customizable workout list. That means you can add exercises. In this way, you can arrange several workout sessions for different days in a week. In other words, the custom workout list makes you adopt a complete workout so that you stay totally fit. You can also check your progress by tracking the workout report saved in your iPhone. Besides, you can create multiple customized workouts in order to meet your various goals such as weight loss or ab definition and so on. The iPhone application incorporates 10 target fitness routines beside which, you can add more according to your requirements. A weight monitor that keeps track of your weight changes. You can check your results through the graphs presented by the iPhone application.


The iFitness application can be downloaded from the App Store at just $1.99. The images used are of real people so that the workout sessions become more realistic for users. There are 10 target fitness routines, over 230 exercises, logs and extras in the iFitness application. You can browse through the exercises in alphabetical order. Then there are the graphic results of your workouts, which can be arranged weekly or monthly. Besides, users can check out the brief description of the fitness programs on the iPhone. So much for a reasonable price is a great idea, isn’t it?