Worst of the Worst: iCodes for Mafia II

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Common Sense

iCodes for iMafia II may be one of the worst applications available for the iPhone. The point of these “code” applications is to accompany a text-based iPhone RPG. Many of these RPGs require you to add friends to your crew or clan so that you can compete in higher level missions and win fights. Most of these require that you actually add other players of the game, which means that you use a friend code system.

This system has each player having their own unique friend code that you enter when sending invitations. This means that there are many resources where people post their friend codes so that others can find them and send them invitations. The iCodes and Code Booster series, respectively, have people add their friend codes in huge lists and people buy the applications to post their friend codes and have access to others.

The PlayMesh games, which iMafia II is, do not use this friend code system for adding people to their crews. Instead you purchase, or “hire,” members from within the game using money you have received from within the game. So then how can you have friend codes for iMafia II? You can have them strictly to add regular “friends,” for socializing. This does not help you in iMafia II or add anything to the experience. Since you need subscribers to actually add their codes to iCodes for iMafia II to actually have some to pick from anyway you will again be disappointed because most people have caught on that an iPhone application like this is more than useless.

Long Code List

The main section, labeled iCodes creatively, gives you a single screen with a single code toward the center. You tap on it to reveal the next one, or hit the button where it lists that you can add your own code. This takes quite a while, as iCodes for iMafia II is slow and relatively unresponsive. There are only a few codes anyway so it chooses them at random and you will see the same few repeated over and over again. Beyond this, you have a leader board and chat function, which is idiotic since the whole code system in iMafia II is really just used for chatting with other players anyway.

Adding Friends?

The only thing that adding other players to your iMafia II account could do would be so you could see people to fight easier. Other than this iCodes for iMafia II is a waste of time period. Even if you did want to do this iCodes for iMafia II would be a fairly negative decision. Trying to go online to find these codes is easier and faster as you are able to look at large lists of them instead of slowly scrolling through pages and going back and forth between iMafia II and iCodes. On the other hand, since the whole concept of adding people in iMafia II is pointless there may not be a lot of websites dedicated to this purpose.

Fight XHumans

iCodes for iMafia II costs $0.99, proving yet again that XHumans believes it is their right to exploit the players of all games. This time it is only getting the few lonely souls who seem to miss the basic functions of iMafia II. iMafia II is a very popular title and it makes sense why they would want to develop an iCodes for it, but it still does not make sense for the dynamic of the game. If you want to see exactly how few codes there are in the iCodes for iMafia II system go ahead and go to xhumans.com/icodes/imafia2. Let’s just say that it is still fewer than ten. What are you actually paying for with iCodes for iMafia II? A couple of friend codes that do not help you in iMafia II anyway? If you want to talk to someone, you can go to a chat room, not run around paying for contact info from within an RPG. Stay away from iCodes for iMafia II. One out of ten stars.