3 Free iPhone Applications for Funny Pictures, Unlimited Texting, and Fun Facts

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Funny Pics (4 out of 5)

Funny Pics provides you with an entertaining way to put your or your friend’s funniest pictures on this app, or view the most popular ones uploaded by other users of this iPhone application. Browsing the funny and hilarious images is easy with Funny Pics. You can search for the funny pictures in three different orders - popular, recent and random. Users can also vote on their favorite pictures to increase popularity. Funny pictures can be downloaded to your iPhone without compromising on quality.

textPlus (5 out of 5)

textPlus lets you send unlimited text messages to your friends. There are other ways to send free text messages on the iPhone, but textPlus has several features that make it stand out. For one, it makes it extremely easy to read every reply in group conversations.

The textPlus app also provides the fastest and easiest way to send text messages. It’s useful for group or even one-on-one SMS conversations. Add more friends to your group and put even more people into the loop. My colleague has found textPlus to be a great tool to keep up with the latest rounds of gossip in the office.

The best part is that you don’t even need an EDGE or 3G connection to send the texts.The app basically works like a chat room in text. There is also a landscape mode so that you can read the messages even easier than before.

SimSampler (4 out of 5)

Inspired by the upcoming Sims 3 for the iPhone, SimSampler is a fun application for iPhone users featuring a number of fun factors. For instance, users of the iPhone application can ask the plum bob about certain interesting questions like - am I good looking? Will I get fired? Simply shake your iPhone to get the answer. It’s fun.

There is even a relationship-tester that checks your romance stats with your partner. The ‘Trait of the Day’ feature delivers the message relating to what you have been deemed for the day. You can spin the plum bob to know your current state of mind. In simple words, it’s a fun application to light up your mood and brighten your day.

More Fun and Free Apps

Free iPhone applications can be a lot more fun for users. However, it is important to remember one thing - that you download only those applications that sound interesting to you. Getting free applications does not mean that you have to fill your iPhone space with unnecessary applications. With that said, enjoy downloading some of the other must-have free iPhone apps.