LOL: Funny Pics Review

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Funny Pics, a new popular free iPhone application available at the App Store, somehow breaks through the possible clichés it could be attached to. Though, by and large, most picture-passed applications are relatively useless since you have the internet on the iPhone, this Funny Pics from StuckPixel actually gives you pictures that are occasionally subversive and surprisingly something you would like to find. Since most of the content of Funny Pics is not something you would find on your own, you might as well check it out.


The interface for Funny Pics is a four-pane display that you shuffle through left to right. You get a cut thumbnail of four different pictures that you can then tap on to open up into full view. Once you do open it up, you can hit the Download button in the upper right hand corner to get it into your iPhone. Here you can choose either a normal or a high resolution, which is really determined by how much space you want to waste. This does take an annoying second, but it is not enough to make it a burden.

Real Funny Pics

The fact here is that Funny Pics will give you things that will actually make you want to smile. Would you like your background to be a fake McDonald’s ad where you see a morbidly obese dog? I do. Not all of these will be the most original jokes you have ever seen, but you can likely have a good few moments browsing through the content of Funny Pics. You can search through them in three different ways. This browsing can go through Popular, Recent or Random, depending on how often you search Funny Pics for your entertainment.

Free iPhone Application

Over all Funny Pics is a free iPhone application that delivers what it promises. It is not the most content-heavy free iPhone application available, but it is a simple one that brings a little fun with it that can be tried out often. Try it out, as it is easier and much faster than browsing pictures on Safari. Six and a half out of ten stars.