Live Vampires: iCodes for Vampires Live

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Vampires Tonight

The iCodes series has worked hard to include almost every single text based iPhone RPG that is tearing up the iTunes App Store. iCodes for Vampires Live is just another incarnation of this, providing a Clan Code application for the increasingly popular Vampires Live. Though it does what it promises, iCodes for Vampires Live may not be what you are looking for.

Vampires Live Clan Codes

The iCodes series has always had a consistent problem throughout. Its format makes it difficult to get Clan Code for Vampires Live quickly enough. The main iCodes tab gives you single pages with single Clan Codes on them. When you tap the screen you go to the next page, with the next Vampires Live Clan Code. This means that you have to get each Clan Code one at a time. Then you have to leave iCodes for Vampires Live, open up Vampires Live, and send the Clan Code invitation. This is a lengthy and bothersome process that could be done with more efficiency. If iCodes for Vampires Live just offered a very long list of Clan Codes you would be able to get them down faster and enter them into Vampires Live easier.

Getting Inside

Along with this iCodes for Vampires Live includes a leader board for the top Vampires Live players and a chat function. Both of these seem a bit like overkill, but at least they are trying. Over all iCodes for Vampires Live is a sub par application that does not bring anything incredibly useful. One element of value that you could place on iCodes for Vampires Live is how many subscribers there are. Each person that installs iCodes for Vampires Live enters their Clan Code, which is then made available on the list. The more people that are on the iCodes for Vampires Live network, the more Clan Codes you have access to. Currently there are not that many, and you can see some of them on the web resource they provide at The website is free, and puts all their Vampires Live Clan Codes on one open screen, so this is the first place you should go. Three and a half stars out of ten.