Mob Code Continued: iCodes for iMobsters

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iMobsters itself has not been the leader in the text based iPhone RPG realm. World War is currently running the top of the list. iMobsters Online stands as the most notorious of all the game. Epic Pet Wars may have the most committed fans. iMobsters, on the other hand, is like the badly dressed step child with an awkward corner hair part and the last Member’s Only jacket. This has not stopped XHumans from trying to capitalize on its lonely fan base with a brand new addition to the iCodes series. Not only is it not worth the $0.99, its mere existence makes us wonder who out there is going to pay for an application to help them make friends in iMobsters for their iPhone.

Mob Codes

What you get with iCodes for iMobsters are the same things you get with the rest of the iCodes series. The main function is to go through a series of pages, each with a single Mob Code on each page. Since you get one Mob Code at a time you end up with a tireless amount of frustration as you either go back and forth between the application and iMobsters or sit at your computer typing them in one at a time. Why wouldn’t iCodes just give you a large block of text with different Mob Codes on it? The reason seems to be so that you will spend more useless time with iCodes for iMobsters so that you will feel as though your purchasing choice was validated.

On top of this, you will get a tab to show you the iMobsters leaders so that you have the ability to add them. This actually doesn’t matter because any Mob Code is a worthwhile Mob Code. You also get a chat function that is so strange since this is a companion application to a game with a social networking component already present.

Go Free

Do you really want to spend any money, no matter how small, on iCodes for iMobsters? Feel free to simply go to their website at to take some of the Mob Codes off there free. Other than that, you really have no reason to use iCodes for iMobsters. Three and a quarter out of ten stars.