SafeWallet for iPhone - Safe Protection of Your Information

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Overview (4 out of 5)

iPhone has launched SafeWallet, a great application for storing all your private information with total security. The iPhone application can be used for storing all kinds of information ranging from your credit cards information, online passwords and bank accounts info to ATM PINs, emergency contacts and other important addresses. SafeWallet makes use of all safety measures to let iPhone users manage their personal and sensitive information. The application also helps users in creating their own card templates for storing their custom information.

Security at its Best

The iPhone application provides iPhone users with a number of useful features. Security is the topmost priority when it comes to handling and protecting private information of users. So SafeWallet incorporates 256-bit AES encryption engine, which is similar to the US government standards. The application highlights the notion of encrypted wallets along with an auto-close feature so that users don’t have to worry about losing their important information from the iPhone.

Advanced Features (4 out of 5)

SafeWallet also features a number of pre-defined templates for personal needs of iPhone users. It includes over 250 professionally designed icons along with templates, thus making it easier for users to manage their database. Users can add, edit and even remove the card folders and templates. While creating new cards, the application provides all the relevant fields to be filled up with information by the users. Users can also add new field properties including date, time, web address and so forth to an existing card. Even the icons can be changed and replaced from the list of the icon list in the application. It is notable that all the wallet folders are password- protected so that the users do not have to lose any of the info stored in the iPhone.

Manage Your Wallet

SafeWallet has a very easy-to-use interface that helps users maintain their information in a secure manner. For instance, the most used cards can be saved in the Favorites folder in order to get easy access of them. You can also easily copy the passwords to clipboards. The iPhone application is designed for the users of iPhone and iPod Touch. Its price is estimated at $5.99 at the App Store. Isn’t it an easy and handy tool to carry your financial and personal information in your iPhone?