A Review of Date Smart Lite for iPhone

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Date smart is essentially a novelty app unless you cannot seem to figure out how to plan a basic date. Very few people would actually be willing to pay for this feature. The Lite version, which is free, gives you a limited listing without the costs. Before you take up that memory space however, let’s review the features and functions of Date Smart Lite for iPhone.

The Premise

This app is painfully simple. You, the user, are presented with three wheels. Using these wheels, you set attributes of the dates that you want to go on. These include the occasion for the date (first date, Valentines day, etc.), the mood you want (romantic, unique) and the cost of the date (expressed by dollar signs). Once you set the wheels, just give it a shake to get your date idea. If you don’t like the idea, just shake it again to get a new idea.

Limitations of The App

Date Smart Lite has a few serious limitations as an application that you should be aware of. First, it is very limited in its capacity to make suggestions. Do not be at all surprised to see suggestions like “carve a pumpkin” or “go to the zoo” in many categories. Second, it’s location-based suggestions are very generic. Trying it inside the throbbing heart of a major city or at the beach yield no difference in the results. Third, the app has no sense of time of year. You will be hard pressed to find a carving pumpkin in March, but that won’t stop it from suggesting this as a date.


Date Smart Lite is free.


While a cute app for the truly and completely clueless, most of us will find Date Smart Lite to be completely uninspired. You’ll be better off calling a trusted friend for advice on where to go for a date. It will take less time and you will get less random advice. To be honest, if you need this kind of help to plan a date, then you need more than an iPhone app. If you choose to download this app, then be prepared to trash it a few hours later. The lack of understanding of your location and the time of year will tank this app quickly.