Phoneflix Brings the Convenience of Netflix Right to Your Fingertips

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(5 out of 5)

Netflix has taken movie rentals to a whole new level. Giving subscribers the ability to fill out a list of movies they wish to rent, and then having those movies directly shipped to them via mail, with no late fees. This service is gradually putting movie rental stores out of business. With all of the iPhone applications that have been released, it was a matter of time before there was a Netflix application. Please enter Phoneflix and let me state right off the bat, that this is not directly affiliated with Netflix, it is created by a company called Next Mobile Web. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have full access to your account it’s all there.

With Phoneflix, you have instant access to your Netflix account. Users of the service can login on their iPhones, and right away edit their movie lineup that they wish to rent. It does not stop there, those who have access to instantly watch movies on their computers at home, can also edit their instant queue lineup. So some may say this isn’t that fascinating, but just think to yourself, how many times have you been out in a store, and seen a movie you wanted, but then forgot the title of it when you got home? This nice little application, is going to let you go right into your Netflix account, find the movie, add it to your queue and even make it your new first priority on your list.

Now if you do not have a Netflix account, then this may not be the most beneficial application to have on your phone, but it is still not completely useless by any means. You have free access to search and browse their entire movie library. So you can basically use it as a tool when looking for a movie title, a summary or who starred in the movie. You can browse movies by new releases, top 100’s, as well as the top 25 movies in each movie genre. It would have been really cool to see Next Mobile Web throw in an option to actually be able to watch trailers and previews of a movie you are looking up. I assume the reason they did not incorporate it, is because of either licensing issues or it will be in a future version. They do have a nice link at the bottom of each movie, that will allow you to see reviews of each movie via’s website.

Phoneflix really didn’t present too many negatives across the board. It represents Netflix service extremely well, and seems no different from accessing your account on a computer. The only minor thing I noticed, as with many applications, is that it can crash, but it was such a rarity, that I almost didn’t feel the need to mention it, but it does happen, so bare with it.

Phoneflix is a fantastic application for anybody with a Netflix account and an iPhone. Being able to adjust your rental list at the touch of a button is quite convenient. Keep in mind that with all of this information and these services, you are not charged to use it. Next Mobile Web, could have easily thrown a price on this, but it was nice that they kept it a free service. Phoneflix can be downloaded for free from the iTunes application store under the entertainment category.

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