A Review of Tap Tap Revenge - An Average iPhone Free App

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Tap Tap Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge is the much antipicated sequel to the game Tap Tap Revolution. A little mix between Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. It is scaled down dramatically to make for an iPhone game. The point of the game is for players to try and accurately match finger taps with the beats of the song that plays. Like Guitar Hero, the dots are color coordinated but instead of 5 rows, there are only 3 so it’s far less complicated. You do occassionally encounter arrow signs instead of dots in which you slide your finger in that direction, but that’s about as crazy as the game gets.

Something missing from Tap Tap Revenge that was in the original Tap Tap Revolution, is the ability to actually play songs from your iTunes library. This is left out of this version, and though there are songs that can be downloaded, they’re not very well known songs. There are 4 skill levels to choose from easy tracks to extreme tracks. Sadly there are only a few songs for each skill level, and some of the songs repeat.

Tap Tap Revenge is a multiplayer game, but only to a very basic point. 2 players can play simultaneously on the same screen by facing each end of the iPhone towards them. The players then compete against each other on the same song and try to outscore each other.

The tutorial provided is pretty well done as there is actual speech explaining the game but the game is so basic that all it takes is a little common sense to figure out.

A problem I have with Tap Tap Revenge is the little variation in difficulties. Though there are more notes on the extreme skill level compared to the easy skill level, it still isn’t hard to get close to perfect, if not perfect score on extreme. This causes the game to be very short. Players will probably grow tired of it within a day or two.

On the upside, the application is free in the iTunes app store so there’s not much complaining that can be done since you do not have to pay for it.

Tap Tap Revenge is a nice time killer and provides a standard experience when playing against a buddy but it still lacks much depth and doesn’t break any new ground, if anything it takes a step back from Tap Tap Revolution. Again it is a free app so give it a download and play through it but don’t be expecting anything mind blowing.

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