A Review of My Homework for iPhone

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The odds are that if you have an iPhone that you use it for much more than just the basic calling and texting. After all, that is the point of getting an iPhone in the first place, right? So, why not use it to save yourself the trouble of lugging around a paper planner to keep all of your homework assignments in order? You can just use the My Homework app.

Why do I need an app just for homework?

Well, you could use a list application, but it would be very easy to lose an item (or due date) in that format and tarnish your grades for no good reason. You could use a general calendar, but if you have a busy schedule, your planner will get muddled quickly. Not to mention the annoying habit of many calendar programs to want to assign a specific time to each item, and your math problems don’t really need their own hour on the day they are due. A homework specific planner will give you what you need, assignments and due dates without the clutter.

App Design

My Homework begins by asking you to list all of your subjects. You can then enter your assignments by their subject and due date. This system allows for maximum flexibility which is important if you happen to be a college student, and subjects range beyond the normal math, biology, English and gym routine. Assignments are then displayed by due dates with impending (or overdue) items in red.


My Homework is very well designed. It has a fun, but not too childish interface that is appropriate scholastic. Assignments fit well together on one handy screen. You will find everything in this application to be designed to be both whimsical and useful. The interface will be great for you, even if you are a returning student and you need something a bit more grown up. Provided, of course, that you still enjoy visual appeal.


All in all, if you have a general inability to keep track of your assignments or just want to get rid of your paper planner then this is, by far, the best option on the market for your needs. The reviewer strongly recommends that you give My Homework a try.