A Review of PDF Reader Pro.

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There are plenty of great reasons to use the PDF document format and an equal number of compelling reasons to want to be able to read and edit those documents on your iPhone. If you search the iPhone for a PDF program, you will be presented with a few options. One of these options will be PDF Reader Pro, but you may want to stop and think about it before you tap the “download” button. You may find that some of the features that you really want in a PDF tool for your iPhone may be sorely lacking.

PDF Reader Pro Features (2 out of 5)

This app boasts the ability to do essentially four useful things:

  • View your PDF’s with sideways rotation and font size change
  • Page jumps
  • Connection to update your files in the tool with a connection to a PDF file server
  • Very basic document edits: copy, paste, cut and delete

This is an extremely small list of features when you consider that the PDF viewing utility app could be doing so much more. Say, for example, that you want to add to your document on the fly, or just fix a typo that you find inside the document. Well, you will not be able to with this application. There is no ability to type in a PDF you are editing, which is a very serious flaw in what should be a handy PDF document opening utility.

Using PDF Reader Pro (1 out of 5)

Actually trying to use this app however, is more than annoying. You will be downright angry by the end of the experience. The app is very poorly designed. In many ways, it is actually counter-intuitive to the user. You may think that simply consulting the instructions would remedy this problem, but they are equally confusing.

In order to be fair and discount the notion that these issues were specific to the user, a review of community feedback was done. At the time of this review, with more than 40 votes, the app has a cumulative two-star rating with many reviewers citing poor design as the reason for the rating.

Conclusion (1 out of 5)

Currently, PDF Reader Pro is 99 cents to download. Given its flaws, this app really should have been made free until all of the bugs were worked out. To be honest, even if this PDF reader were a free app, this reviewer could not recommend it. The app is simply too disappointing, and it seems like the company released a BETA project to the market in hopes of making a profit before the app was fully completed.