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Be a Multi-lingual (5 out of 5)

If you want to become a multi-lingual pro, here is the pocket translator for you. iPhone applications include Linguo, your pocket multi-lingual dictionary covering 25 languages. The iPhone application is ideal for you on business trips and holiday tours abroad. It incorporates some of the best features to learn new words in any of the 25 languages. This is like a quick language learning guide that can translate your words into a variety of languages within seconds.

Linguo is an interesting iPhone application that helps improve your range of vocabulary, and that too, in various languages. The language list of the iPhone translator includes some of the most popular and widely spoken languages like English, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish and Italian. The database of Linguo contains 400 audio clips in these languages along with more than 75,000 lexical entries. So you can translate your own sentences as well as listen to the audio clips in order to learn the translated words in other languages.

You require to have an Internet connection for the manual mode of Linguo. However, offline mode is also available. This would reduce bandwidth consumption. The most common sentences are stored directly on your device. Opening the iPhone app, you will get four options - the language you want to translate from, the text to translate, the language you want to translate to, and the translated output. You can save your list of translations for future reference. You can get the saved translations in the ‘My translations’ option of the iPhone app. You can also send the results through email. However, in order to return to the results, you need the Internet connection. Else, you cannot get into any results. I think this is the only drawback, a small one though, of Linguo.

The Linguo app also includes a dictionary. When you click on the dictionary tab, it will lead you through a list of common words and phrases, a plus point added by Edovio, its developers. As a linguist, I found this iPhone app quite interesting as well as useful too. You can download Linguo from the iTunes Store at just $3.99. And this is indeed a great buy.