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Stop The Creeps

The Creeps 01

The basic premise of the game is simple enough to provide entertainment – stop the Creeps from getting you in your bed by using toy guns, glue, boomerangs and so on.

Creeps walk in a defined pathway, starting from the closet, and the spaces around the pathway can house your defenses. It being a tower defense game, your goal is to build enough ammunition around the pathway to defeat wave after wave of creeps that attack you.

You’ll start off with just one stage and a limited selection of ammo and each time you win or survive a stage you get to unlock further stages where you can use more powerful and a more diverse set of defense towers.

The Creeps 02

Graphics and Gameplay

The Creeps is presented in childish cartoonish graphics without compromising entertainment and gameplay is suitable for all ages. The game has enough variety of different animation elements to keep you playing it until your batteries drain out.

Each stage has a pathway from the closet to the bed, and the surrounding areas can be chosen as the destination for your defending guns to stop the creeps with. There are also obstacles that can be shot down using the guns you’ve set up to give way to more space for more defense towers.

The Creeps 03

Defense towers differ as you progress from stage to stage. More are available the further you go. Each gun can be upgraded, garnering a more buffed up appearance, and shooting much larger and stronger bullets. For each creep killed, you get corresponding points and money rewards. Money rewards are used to build tower defenses and upgrades. In later stages, special towers will be made available, each with its own special function.

The Creeps 05

The various elements provided in the game gives enough diversity to make up for the fact that the game does not have audio. Also, the stages are quite limited, and it’s easy to breeze through the whole game in no time.

Perhaps audio effects will come in future updates considering the app is currently in its initial release version. One up side for games without audio, though, is that you can play the game while simultaneously listening to your iPod music. In addition, more stages and map variations could also be provided in future updates. For replayability’s sake however, you will be able to unlock stages with an unlimited wave of attacks that can challenge you to beat your own – or your friend’s – high scores.

Available in the App Store

You can get your own copy of The Creeps from the iTunes App Store for $4.99. The Creeps game is a small 4.5MB download provided by Super Squawk Software and was released December 19, 2008.