Lightsaber iPhone App: Turn Your Phone into a Star Wars Weapon

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Somehow Star Wars has violated the laws of pop history and has established itself as a continuously relevant property; always staying fresh and never dropping into near nostalgia. Even extending to a recent animated film and television series, the phenomenon is uniquely American in its unwavering persistence. Needless to say there is an iPhone application that capitalizes both on the appeal of the franchises flagship lightsaber, but also uses the innovative touch and motion mechanisms for mild amusement. Together they do make a successful, however momentary, entertainment for those who continue to be fans even into the new millennium.

Sneaking in Ads for Star Wars the Force Unleashed

The Lightsaber application is a veiled attempt to sneak a certain amount of advertisement for Star Wars the Force Unleashed. We see in an opening scene that Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice is attacking the force, and it is up to you to defend him in a new videogame on all major systems. At the very least this new game will be available on the iPhone, and this application is a trial for the format that the full game will come in. This is a cheap tactic, but at the very least it is a full functioning application and a worthwhile test to see if you will like the interface in the new game. Those who find this objectionable should stay away from it, but compared to some of the pervasive advertising and branding that invades your smart phone from other free applications this one remains fairly harmless.


One you get past the preliminary you are given the image of a lightsaber handle against an open universe. At the bottom is the image of Darth Vader, which when pressed brings up a menu to choose different characters that you would want to be. This changes the color of the lightsaber, which stays in line with the dynamic set up in the movies. There is even an option here to create a custom character, though it is really just limited to typing up some info and using a picture that is already on your phone.


Next to the character selection option is the button to activate the lightsaber. When you do an image of it overwhelms the screen. What it gives you is essentially a middle segment of the lightsaber, which you can then swing around. The movements elicit classic lightsaber sounds, such as the noise against the wind and when you clash with another saber. With this you are also allowed to add some music from the classic series.

Fight Your Friends

There really is nothing to this program except for brief fun with your friends. The best times come when two people have this application and can play fight with their lightsaber. It’s free, so give it a shot. Low expectations will likely yield a positive response. Six out of ten stars.