EasyWriter for the iPhone: Increase Productivity with a Broader Keyboard for Emails

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What is Easy Writer?

Easy writer is one of those Apps that is surprisingly easy to pass by without giving it much of a second thought. After all it does not grab your attention with a fun game or loads of flashy video. It is, however one of those apps that can make your life a lot easier. Especially, if you happen to do a lot of emailing on your iPhone. This is the kind of application that is designed with the soul of what you really need from your iPhone.

In this case the nifty tool that you will be getting with this application is the ability to type in landscape mode. That’s right - you can turn your keyboard on its side and receive a wide-view keyboard.

What is the advantage to that?

Well, you can make sure that you always hit the right keys. If you have big fingers this can be a blessing. Writing your emails just got a whole lot easier.

In addition to the sideways keyboard Easy writer also gives you a few other nifty features.

  1. If you get interrupted by a call your text will automatically be saved so that you do not have to retype your text again and again.
  2. The ability to zoom in and make your text larger so you can avoid eye strain.
  3. The ability to shrink your text by pinching the screen.

In order to get your message to your mail you just have to click on the “send to mail” button. It’s just that easy.

Overall if you do a fair amount of emailing (or any type of long writing) then this keyboard will be a great feature that you will be able to use time and time again. Also, if your emails happen to often be, how shall we say, prolific, then this can save you from a whole lot of hand cramps. For the cost of nothing, this is defenetly an application worth getting.