iPhone Game App Review: iHunt Lets You Fire Away at Targets

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We would try to be as positive as we could with our review of the iPhone’s first FPS (first person shooting) game despite major flaws and setbacks in the game’s overall appeal, aesthetically and gameplay wise. iHunt is from the same iPhone game developer that brought you iFish, which I heard is quite better than iHunt. Anyway, iHunt is an average game that can provide you some good fun if you don’t demand too much from a mobile phone game.

Gameplay and Control

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Basically the objective of iHunt is to shoot down as much as you can during a specific time period. The game provides you with three types of things to shoot, a deer, a pheasant and a clay pigeon. To shoot down them down you have to aim your gun either on the head or somewhere on its neck (in the case of the deer and pheasant). Don’t worry, hitting them on the head won’t give you the gore details of a red blood spitting out of their blown head. Instead, the cardboard like deer or pheasant would just fall behind, indicating that you’ve successfully gunned them down.

The game gives you two types of guns, a rifle or shot gun. Using the rifle is way cooler than using the shot gun though. For the simple reason that when you aim for your target, you can tap on the screen once and the screen would transform into something like you’re looking into a gun scope. To shoot at your target, you tilt the iPhone to focus the gun’s scope towards your target. To fire the gun, simply tap on the fire button at the lower right hand side of the screen. You can also tap on the Look button to put your iPhone screen into normal view.

Lastly, iHunt gives you three levels of game difficulty - easy, medium, hard and impossible. Don’t worry about tackling the impossible level as it is not really impossible to shoot down your target. It differs from the other levels of difficulty by way of the time period and the number of targets that you need to shoot to complete the level.

Graphics and Sounds

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iHunt may have failed on the graphical rendering of the deer and pheasant but it more than makes up for it by providing some nicely rendered background environment. But don’t get us wrong here, the background environments are nothing close to an interactive environment but rather colorful images that resembles a landscape painting.

On the sound department, iHunt doesn’t really excel as well. But let’s not take this against the game developer as what kind of sounds would you expect from a shooting game such as iHunt right? The sound of the rifle or shot gun shot won’t really bother you at all. After all, the important thing to accomplish in the game is to shoot down as many targets as you can. Although we really don’t mind hearing some realistic sound when you hit a deer or a pheasant successfully.

Our Verdict

We really don’t want to discourage you from installing this application. $.99 is still $.99 and in times like this we really could use all the savings that we can get. But if you don’t mind spending 99¢ to have this game on your iPhone, then by all means get it from the Apps Store. It might give you some good fun times if you are not too meticulous on game details.