i.TV iPhone Application Delivers Media Listings for Both Television and Movies

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Do you remember those days before TiVo? Where you had to turn on the television and wait for the TV Guide channel to roll all the way back around until you found the channel you were looking for. Well fear not friends, because now i.TV finds the channel for you and it delivers with flying colors.

i.TV is an extremely useful tool for iPhone users who do not have time to search through the TV guide booklet at home, or call the movie theater to get the time for a movie they want to see. It conveniently delivers all of the information you need about a film or show with the single application.

All of this is done at the touch of a finger. The easy interface of i.TV allows users to see what show is coming on, at what time and what channel. The large display of the iPhone allows it for easy viewing of all the television listings. You can choose from a certain time that day or go ahead a few days to find out what the listings show for future dates. You can then choose to setup reminders for that show so you never miss your favorite show again.

The search feature of i.TV is probably one of my favorite things about the application. Let’s say just for kicks and giggles, I want to find some movies that Will Smith has been in. Well just click search and type in Will Smith. Not only do you get previous movies but you also get a biography, upcoming TV spots, such as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and past television works like the concert event “A Concert for Nelson Mandela.” All of this information is supplied instantly after searching for the actor/actress you are interested in. You can do the same thing with a television show. Just type in the television show title and it will come up with results showing you when it will be on next.

The movie show time feature is just as great. Browse movies in two categories, movies or theaters. You can look at the most recent films released or checkout what’s playing at your local theater. I would choose the latter of the two since you can then view the movie information within that. Again i.TV goes above and beyond with the information supplied with each movie. You don’t just get the title, actors and show time. No, you get reviews, trailers, credits and galleries.

i.TV makes choosing what show to watch or what movie to go see easy and informative. You will now know what others said about a movie before spending $8 on it. Checkout the trailer if you are unfamiliar with it and so on. The absolute best thing about i.TV is the fact that it is completely free. You can use all basic features without actually having to register an account as well. If you want to use the entire thing you just go to settings and setup your account. This process is also free and only takes about a minute and a half of your time.

If you are a movie buff or just a couch potato, you would be doing yourself a disservice to go without this application. Download it from the iTunes application store and enjoy all of its entertainment wealth.