Sundry Notes iPhone App Reviewed

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Sundry Notes is a well-designed iPhone app that lets you take down notes whenever you’re in a meeting, school, at work or anywhere. From the moment you fire up the app, you’ll immediately get a feeling that you’ve just purchased an app that is truly worthy of the price you spent on it. The main screen, upon opening up the app, displays your pre-saved notes. Since this is probably the first time you’re using the app, you can just ignore this option and instead select the Create New option. When creating new notes, you’ll have the chance to give them a title, subject and tags. Actually, the only required field before you can start writing your note is the title field so you can just ignore the other options if you wish. Sundry Notes also allows you to protect your notes (especially the confidential ones) with passwords.

Still with me so far? On with the other features of the app and this time I’d like to mention that in terms of third-party support, Sundry Notes is well-supported. What I mean is that, the app lets you import your notes from your computer, Evernote, Google, Dropbox, and other Sundry services such as Sundry Reader and Sundry Memos. Likewise, the app also allows you to export the notes that you’ve created from your iPhone to your computer as PDF files, back them up to your computer or send them as email attachments. But I guess, those are the usual features of most note taking apps, right?

Aside from creating notes and managing them either on your iPhone or remotely to your computer or online services, Sundry Notes can also serve as a collaboration tool - in real time. What this means is that you can connect to other Sundry Notes users provided that your iPhones are connected online using the same Wi-Fi network. This will allow you to edit another person’s notes, and in the same way, that person can edit your own notes.

Additionally, if you find yourself needing to have a printed copy of your Sundry Notes entries, you can do so via AirPrint, or wireless printing.

Using the App on a Day to Day Basis

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Unlike most note taking apps that I’ve tried so far, it seems that I might be using Sundry Notes regularly. In case you’re interested to know, the only note taking app that I’ve used more than once is the default Notes app of my iPhone. But that will change now that I’m using Sundry Notes. I like the fact that this note taking app allows me to open multiple notes simultaneously. This is done via tabs. The ability to bookmark parts of my notes, especially the long ones, is also a nice feature and is very useful. Of course, if you’re fond of taking down ideas and thoughts, either your own or those you’ve heard, you will easily gather tons of notes. It’s a good thing that Sundry Notes has a very robust search facility that digs into your notes and even the text within notes.

Another nice feature of this app, which you’ll find useful for everyday use, is the ability to grab images from websites and copy and paste the text into your notes inside the app. Also, the app lets you draw shapes, opacity, flowcharts, diagrams and more, anywhere on your notes. Or you can even import images from your iPhone’s photo library. You can also create tables, change background colors, change background paper, import PDFs from the Internet and more. All these options come in handy every time you use the app. What’s amazing is the fact that despite having so many features, it’s not too difficult to discover how they all work and to use them.

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The bottom line is this – Sundry Notes is a very useful note taking app, well-designed and with an easy learning curve if it’s the first time you’re using the app. Those two features alone make this app a worthy download. Interestingly, Sundry Notes is getting a mixture of positive and negative reviews as posted on the App Store, while several technology sites who’ve reviewed the app are giving it a thumbs-up. So, if this is getting you confused and hesistant as to whether you should get the app, you might want to try the free, lite version first before getting the pro version. That way, you will have a feel of whether the app suits your needs and preferences.

Sundry Notes Pro for iPhone is available from the iTunes App Store for $2.99.