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What is Mappiness?

Simple step by step instructions to get started with Mappiness

Mappiness is a free app for the iPhone which is currently available for UK residents only. It is part of a research project at the London School of Economics designed to study human happiness. The Mappiness app works by beeping you multiple times a day (you are able to choose the amount), and asks you to answer a few questions.

What Does Mappiness Do?

Mappiness will beep you multiple times in a day and will ask you to answer a number of anonymous questions about yourself. The

Mappiness tracks information about you

questions that Mappiness asks include how you are feeling, where you currently are, who you are with, and what you are doing. A nice feature is that if you are outside then you can even take a photo to send back with the data.

Mappiness also records how many times it has beeped you, how many of these times you responded, and how long it took you to respond to the beeps.

What Does Mappiness Do with This Data?

Mappiness will beep you a few times a day

The information that Mappiness collects is sent back in a secure and anonymous way to their data store, also included with this information is your location from the iPhone’s GPS and the level of noise around you.

This data that Mappiness has collected is then used in a number of different ways, the focus of the experiment is to look at how people’s happiness is affected by their local environment. They pay particular attention to factors such as air pollution, noise, green spaces; all of which is helped and supported by the data that Mappiness gathers.

Why Would I Want to Download and Use Mappiness?

Mappiness asks questions about you

The main reason for downloading Mappiness is that for very little effort on your part you will be contributing vital information to improve our knowledge of the world we live in, although of course we all want more reasons than that, which Mappiness is happy to provide!

Mappiness tracks the information of your own happiness levels over time, and so you are able to find out when you were the most happy, who you were with, and what you were doing. Perhaps you are most happy on your own in the evening? Or while at work in the afternoon? Or walking down a busy street on a weekend? Mappiness will help you to find out this information.

What Sort of Person Should Download Mappiness?


Mappiness asks questions to find out what you are doing

my opinion, everyone has something to gain from Mappiness. This is a fascinating app and you are helping other people as well, which is a great bonus, however, sadly Mappiness is currently only available for residents of the UK so those from abroad will have to miss out.

If you are looking for an app that does something unique while also telling you interesting information about yourself, then Mappiness is the app that you want, I highly recommend this app.

Mappiness can be downloaded from the iTunes store (Download Link) and more information can be found at the Mappiness website.

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