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Talk-a-tron iPhone App - What is it?

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Talk-a-tron is an iPhone talking app. But while other iPhone talking apps give you pre-selected characters which are animals, and other living creatures, this app takes a different route. It lets you turn your photos into talking characters. It could be your self-portrait photo or photos of your friends, relatives or even your boss, if you love him or her so dearly. The app lets you add eyes, a nose, and a mouth to your own photos. After giving your photo some character - you can then watch and listen when it repeats everything you say - with a very funny voice.

Adding more flair to the coolness of the app is the fact that you can add an animated mouth and eyes that pop-out and follow your finger around the screen. And even more fun is the fact that you can record your own videos, share them on YouTube and Facebook or send them via e-mail.

Another nice feature of this app is that you can use practically any photos in your iPhone camera roll, not just photos of people. For instance you can take a photo of your mug and turn it into a talking mug. You can also use photos of your pets, household objects, plants, cuddly toys, and more.

Talk-a-tron iPhone App - How does it work?

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Using Talk-a-tron is simple enough. All you have to do is select a photo from your iPhone’s camera roll or take a new picture. Once you have a photo to play around with, you can start adding eyes, a nose and mouth. At first you only have one option for each part, but you can use the in-app facility to unlock some more of the eyes, mouths and noses available. After giving your photo a character of its own, you can then talk to your character and it will talk back in a silly voice.

To see something cool, try moving your finger around the screen and watch the eyes of the photo follow your finger. Poke an eye and it will pop out. To add videos you can record your own or upload directly to YouTube and Facebook or share by e-mail.

Our Verdict

Obviously, we highly recommend this app especially if you love talking iPhone apps. Its interface is easy-to-use so that your kids can learn how to create talking photos of their pets, toys and other things. As for us adults, the app can be pretty amusing and entertaining if you’ve got some time to waste. Try using photos of your colleagues in the office or even of your boss and listen as they repeat what you are going to say in a very funny manner. Simply, put - this iPhone app was made for sheer enjoyment and the fun of using it. Nothing more, nothing less. So enjoy!


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