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Themes are additional accessories that allow you as the user of a mobile phone to customise your preferences. Themes usually include changes to your phone’s wallpaper, as well as icons and more, depending on the actual theme. Theme It is a theme app store and they have also developed an app with the same name. The Theme It app, allows you to browse through many different themes and easily download and apply them to your phone.

Theme It App

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The Theme It app is made specifically for the iDevices, such as the iPhone, the iPod Touch and even your iPad. However, you will require a jailbroken device and you can install the app via Cydia. The Theme It application is free and once it is downloaded onto your iPhone, you have the option of browsing through many themes to find one that suits your mood, your personality or whatever you fancy. All of the themes that I have come upon in this app are paid themes, but it is my understanding that the integration of free themes may soon be a reality.

Theme It G.O.C Themes


With your own theme directory, you are able to not just view screenshots of the themes, but you are also able to find out more about the artist that created them and their personal description of each theme. The latest releases include two sets of G.O.C themes. G.O.C represents Glass Orb Colour and is generally shown with icons in a shiny looking glass ball. One of these G.O.C themes is the HD theme; this theme has all their icons and buttons displayed with superb HD quality along with a customizable user interface and 6 different color schemes to choose from. This theme is compatible with the iPod Touch and the iPhone 4.


The other newly released G.O.C theme is also stunningly beautiful and made to support the older models like the iPod Touch 2G and 3G and the iPhone 3G and 3GS. It is a classic, simple theme with some extra pizzazz added by the glass orb look. This is the G.O.C Pro and can be previewed on YouTube.


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There are many themes available in the Theme It app. The two above are merely two of the latest themes added to the portfolio. At the Theme It one stop shop you will never have to wonder if the themes within the app are compatible with your device because each theme is equipped with all the necessary details, including which devices and models can be used. The latest releases are generally shown at the bottom of the page and for any of them that you select; you are able to view the theme details before you select the buy button. The Theme It app is free and can also be downloaded from the Theme It website at

The Theme It app is well laid out, easy to use and it saves you from having to install themes individually.

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