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Concept (4 out of 5)

The iPhone vignette app called Vignettr is designed to add a vignette effect to photos taken with your iPhone camera. If you are unfamiliar with what a vignette effect is, think back to classic cameras.

The vignette effect is when parts of the photo have a much darker appearance, this was particularly common on older cameras and therefore many people associate the vignette effect with being retro. The vignette iPhone app essentially recreates this effect on modern photos taken with the iPhone camera.

The concept of the iPhone vignette app, Vignettr is one which will be both practical and entertaining for those who remember classic cameras or just want a more retro look. Keep reading for the full review. You may also want to take a look at the Top 10 iPhone Camera Apps.

Functionality (3 out of 5)

Vignettr is an iPhone vignette app which was designed with functionality in mind. There are several different filters and options

Vignettr iPhone

included in the app, the overall control scheme is with two sliders located at the bottom of the interface.

Filters (options) include things such as standard vignette effects, letterboxing and tint control. You can even control the opacity of the tint which is a very handy feature for creating more natural looking effects on your photos. The vignette effects created with the iPhone vignette app are subtle enough to appear to be original yet bold enough to be noticed.

Vignettes are best created on photos with low to mid light levels. Similar to the real vignette effect of a camera lens, the vignette effect is not overly impressive on white areas of the image or areas of the image which suffer excessive light. The application is simple to use, provides quality vignettes and does not come with an overcrowded interface.

Vignettes can be created using a pre-determined palette of colors which include necessary colors to produce viable vignettes. Some more obscure colors are excluded, however, this was likely to maintain the solid quality of the vignette effect created by Vignettr and not produce poor quality and obscure vignettes. The application appeared to be very stable during usage and did not crash, lag or experience any other type of usage problem.

Images are saved at their full quality which is especially handy. Many iPhone camera apps including other vignette apps fail to save the images back to the device at full quality. Photo enthusiasts should be particularly thrilled by this as the photos will not lose their resolution nor quality after being passed through Vignettr.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Overall this iPhone vignette app falls into the average category. We really like the simple interface, vignette effects produced and the stability of the application.

It does feel a little light on features and does not satisfy the needs for an advanced vignette application. We would have liked to have seen some effects to duplicate various lens types of models for the vignette effect, however, the app is good value at the low price tag of just $0.99.

Vignettr can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. (Download Link)

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