What is the AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service and How is It Used with the iPhone?

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iPhone Replacement

Apple’s iPhone is a complex personal device and smartphone that can be used in a large number of applications, but no one can say it is inexpensive. This cost is what has inspired many people to get iPhone insurance. You can also get extra cover from Apple in the form of AppleCare. AppleCare allows for an extended amount of Apple iPhone support and service. If your iPhone stops working properly you may have to get a replacement iPhone from Apple, but for most people it is not easy to go without a phone for even a few days. Because of this, they have created the AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service.

AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service Basics

The basis of the AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service is that it allows you to actually wait to send out your faulty iPhone until you receive the replacement iPhone. The standard way that you receive a replacement iPhone is by sending it in and they will then send you the new iPhone once it has been received, but the AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service is an option that allows you to receive a new one without a gap of use.

If you do take the AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service you can then receive the replacement iPhone in a maximum of three days. This replacement iPhone will be activated and the same model that you sent in, which is a good option for iPhone 4 users. When you do receive your replacement iPhone from the AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service it will include information on how you send in your old iPhone to Apple. As long as you have backed up your iPhone you will be able to then sync all of the content back to your new iPhone from your iTunes account. This is going to remain the first place to go for Apple replacements after AppleCare service is applied, but it is not required.


Now what you are going to have to pay for replacing the iPhone, and using the AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service, is going to depend on your specific iPhone and situation. For example, if you are replacing your iPhone with AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service without having it approved by Apple as being a faulty design then you will have to pay the full replacement price. AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service ends up costing an additional $29 on top of that price. You must then send your old iPhone in to Apple within ten days otherwise you will receive a sizeable late fee, ranging from $100 - $200. The price of AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service is going to remain at $29 for all models of the iPhone, but the various replacement costs and fees will depend on what kind of protection and warranty you may be under. This Apple replacements system still works well after AppleCare because AppleCare will subsidize part of the replacement cost in many situations, but it will not affect the cost of the AppleCare Advanced Replacement Service.