How to Create Winning iPhone App Ideas

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Using Your Niche to Find Ideas

When brainstorming for iPhone app ideas you’ll need to examine your particular app niche and analyse it for a few key things. This is best done using market research techniques which you can find a wealth of right here at Bright Hub.

Gaps in the Market

New and innovative apps are created everyday. That means, that by tomorrow today’s gaps in the app market will have been filled by new apps. It’s up to you to spot these gaps and fill them for your app to be a success. Merely creating an identical alternative app won’t get you far in terms of individuality. Perhaps there are web services that would make a good app? Maybe a new way of doing things that suits mobile computing better? Spot a gap and create an idea to fill it.

Cost Leadership Strategy

This age old business strategy involves giving the people what they already have, but for less. It’s a success in the airline industry and has already proven successful amongst apps - particularly those priced in excess of the $4 mark. People want it all but don’t want to pay. If you can take initial development costs on the chin and wait a little longer to see your money again then this is an excellent strategy. So find an app and make a new, cheaper version (or indeed a free version supported by ads).

Give the People What They Want

Another great way of generating an idea for the next big app is to give the people what they want. The online world is a vocal one so listen to them. People discuss apps in the comment sections of reviews, on forums and in the media. If you see problems with existing apps or ideally, a gap is pointed out to you by persistent calls for a certain type of app, then you might just be onto a winner.

People will appreciate an app that serves a purpose. And they’ll pay for it too. Being innovative and creative in app creation also means that you stand a better chance of fending off copycats and free, less equipped versions.

Use Nominal Group Thinking to Generate Ideas

Nominal Group Thinking is a great way of coming up with numerous iPhone app ideas and suggestions very quickly and then creating one great idea by using the ideas of multiple people. It encourages each person to put forward suggestions in turn and is also an extremely democratic way of working out the pros and cons of certain ideas. It also encourages participation and is great if a group don’t know one another well or haven’t tried generating ideas before. This method has been used extensively in creative environments since the 1960s.

Each person, in-turn presents their idea while the others listen. After this, certain ideas are voted out while a few remain. The group can then either decide on one of these by continuing to vote or creatively combine these ideas to breate a ‘hybrid’ idea - a killer app!