What are the Top iPhone Web Apps?

What are the Top iPhone Web Apps?
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The Muscle Lab Mini

If you are a gym rat, either for the purposes of building muscle or losing fat, this iPhone web app is for you. The site provides the most complete resources for tracking your fitness levels on the web. You can monitor your nutritional intake, analyze your strength increases and more. Basically, the app caters for everyone who has different fitness goals. The site is free to access for 30 days. After which, you will have to pay some premium to continue accessing the site’s vast resources of fitness-related information. Other features of the app include view nutrition and fitness calendars, log your food intake, add water intake and set your personal hydration target, design custom foods, log your daily activities and more. (Download link)

4G Speed Test - Internet Speed Test


This simple iPhone web app does one thing - it tests your internet speed. By simply pointing your iPhone’s web browser to 4G-speed.info, you can find out the speed of your internet connection be it Wi-Fi, 4G, GPRS and even EDGE. The app also tells you the average speed of your connection after it performs several tests. The app is also geo-location enabled and has the ability to save your results history. (Download link)



If you’re an avid comic reader, you’ll certainly need this iPhone web app. Basically, what it does is to let you access all your favorite comics in one convenient place, offline. This iPhone web app fetches your favorite comics and features a clean interface that lets you easily add comics fast. Another great feature of this web app is that it lets you zoom and move your comic around your screen to make it fit exactly how you want it. Other features include - smoother scrolling of comics, improved zoom functionality, artist feed right below the comic, and there are more than 50 additional comic feeds available. (Download link)

Parking Assistant

parking assistance

Here’s a simple and yet useful iPhone web app especially if you’re looking for a vacant parking space. It shows you parking lots in your vicinity via color coded signs. Green signs represent parking lots reported as non-paid parking lots, red signs represent parking lots not classified as paid/non-paid. It also features a map that moves in accordance with your location. The app also has a Google search bar at the bottom so you can search for anything. The parking lots data is collected from openstreetmap project. (Download link)

Color Mail


Want to send colorful email to your friends? Check out this iPhone web app. It helps you create a color styled email template that you can use directly in your iOS Mail. You can choose from several templates provided on the website and use them in your iPhone’s Mail app. Templates that you can use vary wildly from halloween, dancing, biscuits and more. (Download link)



Here’s a nice tool for calculating calories burned during various exercises including - running, swimming, yoga, pilates, biking and walking. It includes a new tool for calculating your pace when doing those various activities. (Download link)

Foreca.mobi World Weather


There are many third-party weather apps for iPhone but if you don’t want to add a burden to your phone and prefer to use a web app instead, check out this iPhone web app. It offers a 10-day forecast, current conditions and great-looking weather animations such as radar, satellite, and precipitation forecasts for your favorite locations. It covers both national and international locations in more than 140,000 areas. It also gives you ski reports for US and European resorts. (Download link)



Just by its name alone, you’ll know that this iPhone web app is finance-related. This multi-functional web app lets you track your spending and manage your bank accounts. It offers a quick and intuitive interface for checkbook register. The app also lets you record all of your deposits and withdrawals, expenses and monthly budgets. You can manage an unlimited number of accounts. (Download link)


Screen shot 2010-11-08 at 6.09.02 PM

If you’re concerned about your environmental footprint, then this iPhone web app is for you. Basically, this app lets you calculate consumption costs, standby costs, voltage, current, and resistance of your electrical devices. (Download link)

KartMe Mobile


This iPhone web app will ensure that you’ll never forget an ingredient, always know addresses when traveling and remember movie and book titles. In other words, this app can save a recommendation from your computer to your iPhone or vice versa. On your iPhone, KartMe.com you can browse your lists of favorite websites and enter notes when your friend mentions a wine, book or movie. (Download link)