What is the Best iPhone Notes App?

What is the Best iPhone Notes App?
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Awesome Note (+todo)

True enough, this iPhone notes app is really awesome. With tons of features plus the recently added to-do functionality, it’s well worth its price tag. This app is an innovative note taking app and to-do manager that let you combine notes with the flexibility of a to-do list. It lets you customize the app’s look using themes that suit your preference. You can use different folder icons, colors, fonts and paper backgrounds. This is possibly the best iPhone notes app available right now from the App Store. You’ll really appreciate the way this app will help you easily and quickly organize your life better than you are managing it right now. Still not convinced that this is indeed an awesome note-taking app for your iPhone? We hope these features can convince you - insert images to notes, insert map into notes, alarm notifications, calendar view, full sync and transfer notes with Google Docs and Evernote, customize notes and folders and so much more. (Price: $3.99) (Download link)



If the previous iPhone notes app wants to be an awesome app, this app on the other hand wants to be the master of iPhone note-taking apps. Basically, what this app does is to help you create great looking notes, consisting of not just text, but also images, lists, headers and more. Notes with images look better. The app also lets you add a variety of lists to any note, bold text headers, and various note backgrounds and fonts. The app also helps you stay organized with categories, full-text search, and email notes as rich HTML. Other features of this iPhone notes app include - sync support with Google Docs, easily transfer notes to and from computer, and import and export notes. (Price: $3.99) (Download link)



Of course, since we are listing down the best iPhone notes apps, we should include one of the most popular and widely used note-taking apps for iPhone - Evernote. Evernote has evolved from a simple text-based note-taking iPhone app into its now more complicated and feature-rich version. Simply put, this note-taking iPhone app helps you remember anything and everything - from notes, ideas, photos, snapshots, recordings and more. The app also synchronizes well with Mac or Windows desktop versions of the app. Major features of Evernote are as follows - create text, photo and audio notes, searchable snapshots, geo-location, auto-synchronization and more. Best of all, this app is free. There is a reason this has been downloaded millions of times - it is a really good iPhone notes app. To give you an idea how others are using this app, here’s a rundown of what it can do - capture blog ideas, stay-in sync with desktop notes, snap photos of whiteboards, record voice memo and more. Check out our guide to using Evernote to learn more. (Price: Free) (Download link)