Find WoW Apps for the iPhone: Calling All World of Warcraft Fans!

Find WoW Apps for the iPhone: Calling All World of Warcraft Fans!
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WoW on the iPhone? No, thankfully. If WoW were to really come to the iPhone, there is a likely chance that there would be an increased number of traffic accidents. Advertisements to stop “WoWing and Driving” would appear, and Blizzard’s sales would triple.

Just because there is no WoW game on the iPhone, doesn’t mean you can’t take your WoW addiction to the iPhone on some level. There are several great WoW iPhone apps. There is a World of Warcraft iPhone app to give you advice on WoW, several walk-through apps, apps with lists of places and weapons and even a security app to protect your account.

Take a look at some of these WoW apps for the iPhone. Maybe you will find the perfect World of Warcraft iPhone app.

World of Warcraft Mobile Armory

If you have ever used the WoW Mobile Armory on the computer, the iPhone app will not be too new for you. Esentially this World of Warcraft iPhone app takes all of the features of the computer version of the mobile armory, and makes them available on your iPhone.

This is one of the better World of Warcraft iPhone apps and includes a large amount of features, great visuals and plenty of functionality for WoW lovers. The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app for the iPhone gives you access to many different features, including things like: character information, access to the auction house, information about your guild, the current activities of your guild and complete access to a list of items and weapons available in the game.

The best part about this World of Warcraft iPhone app is the price, FREE. (iTunes Link)

Take a look at the full World of Warcraft Mobile Armory Review. Mobile Authenticator Mobile Authenticator

Do you have trust problems? Are you overly protective of your account because of your WoW character? Don’t worry, there is help for you and it comes in the form of an iPhone app.

The Mobile Authenticator app is not necessarily a World of Warcraft iPhone app, however, it may hold great value for WoW gamers who fear for the security of their account. Essentially this app is linked to your account and generates a security key required to log into the account. This helps to prevent hackers or unauthorized access to your account, and subsequently your World of Warcraft account and characters.

The Mobile Authenticator can be downloaded for FREE. (iTunes Link)

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Profiling characters is an important task in World of Warcraft, especially before a raid. You may have created a raid, only to find out afterwards that you were way too under equipped. Even if you were not, others may have been. Gearscore is a World of Warcraft iPhone app which aims to fix that problem.

Gearscore allows you to calculate a score of the equipment (gear) of your friends and find out just how prepared they are for a raid. The app is very simple to use and offers a wealth of information. It also connects to and provides live queries which allows for accurate results on the go.

Gearscore can be downloaded for $3.99. (iTunes Link)

World of Warcraft Game Guide

World of Warcraft Game Guide

World of Warcraft can often feel very overwhelming. The size of the game is astonishing and the amount of gear and monsters makes it even worse. New players and advanced players alike often find themselves needing help or some general tips on how to progress, which is exactly when this World of Warcraft iPhone app comes in handy.

The World of Warcraft Game Guide provides a wealth of information to help both new plays and advanced players alike. Things such as locations of gear, monsters, general leveling information, class information and so much more can be found in this great app. While the app does suffer from poor writing and the occasional grammatical error, it has plenty of useful information.

The price can’t be beat since the app is FREE. (iTunes Link)

WoWphiles World of Warcraft Podcast

WoWphiles iPhone App

This may not be a traditional World of Warcraft iPhone app, but it is related. If you are WoW fanatic, there is a good chance you are a fan of the WoW podcast, WoWphiles. You have probably figured out that you can download WoWphiles on your iPhone for free, however, this app provides tons of extras.

WoWphiles is a convenient way to listen to the WoWphiles podcast directly on your iPhone. It also provides downloadable wallpaper for your iPhone, additional content including more segments and outtakes, an easy button to call the show from your iPhone and even easy access to send comments and emails to the shows.

WoWphiles can be purchased for $1.99. (iTunes Link)

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