Best iPhone Presentation Software

Best iPhone Presentation Software
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Presenting Gone Mobile

The iPhone is capable of doing so many things, including gaming, web browsing and even watching movies: which is why it should come

as no surprise that it can help with presentations too. iPhone presentation software comes in many different forms and includes simple remote control apps for the iPhone, as well as full presentation playback directly on the iPhone.

iPhone presentation software designed to control a presentation on a computer or laptop, is particularly handy for large presentations and business professionals. This software can make it possible to completely view and control your presentation, from wherever you are in the room. Having the ability to view a presentation directly on your iPhone is a great way to preview, practice and prepare for a big presentation.

Presentation on the iPhone

If you are simply wishing to use your iPhone as a presentation remote, skip down below, otherwise, keep reading. These iPhone presentation software solutions will help you to view presentations directly on your iPhone. While options are fairly limited, it is good to see that there is at least one method available.


ZoHo is an online service which enables the viewing of office, word and presentation documents directly on the web. There is no need to download or install any software (or plugins). Just recently, ZoHo announced the latest addition to their brand, iZoHo. This is the mobile version of the tool, designed specifically for the iPhone.

iZoHo is an iPhone web app which enables you to view a Powerpoint presentation on the iPhone. Simply transfer or download the file on the iPhone and navigate to the iZoHo website. Select the file and begin viewing the presentation as if you were sitting at your computer, using Microsoft PowerPoint.

iZoHo is completely free and can be utilized by visiting from your iPhone.

Read more about the ZoHo service, here.


To be fair, PulpMotion is not actually iPhone presentation software, it is Mac based presentation software. The reason PulpMotion makes the list, is because of the easy to use export to iPhone feature.

Simply design and finalize the presentation in PulpMotion and then choose “Export to iPhone”. PulpMotion will do the rest, creating a video file compatible with your iPhone, which has your presentation, in its original state, exactly as it looked on the computer. Simply copy that file to the iPhone using iTunes and you have a mobile version of your presentation, directly on your iPhone.

PulpMotion can be downloaded for Mac OS X 10.4 or later. The cost of a single user license is $49. (Download Here)

iPhone Presentation Remote Software

One of the most common types of iPhone presentation software, is the presentation remote. The iPhone is a great tool and it makes a great remote for things like Media Center, which is exactly why it should be an obvious choice for a presentation remote. With its large, crisp screen, touch interface and Wi-Fi capabilities, the iPhone is the ultimate presentation remote.

Keynote Remote

Straight from Apple, direct to your iPhone comes Keynote Remote. Keynote Remote allows complete control over Keynote, directly from your iPhone using Wi-Fi. You can view the current slide, next slide, previous slide and even all the related notes, directly on the iPhone screen. Keynote Remote also gives you full control over the entire presentation, directly from your iPhone. This iPhone presentation software can be download from the iTunes App Store for $0.99. (Download Here)

Read the full Keynote Remote review, here.


i-Clickr is exactly what you would expect from a Powerpoint iPhone remote. Complete control over your Powerpoint presentation, directly in the palm of your hand. The slide show can be viewed in real-time on the iPhone, including a full display of the notes for each slide. Slides can be changed, presentations can be paused and resumed and there are tons of options, directly on your iPhone. i-Clickr even comes complete with a satisfying clicking sound (which can be optionally turned off). i-Clickr can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store for $9.99. (Download Here)

Wooji Presentation Remote

Another option for controlling Keynote presentations, Wooji Presentation Remote is fair competition for the official Keynote remote. Designed to allow full control over Keynote presentations, Wooji Presentation Remote has a handy display which includes the notes for the current slide. This app provides complete control over the Keynote slide, directly from the iPhone. Wooji Presentation Remote can be download from the iTunes App Store for $7.99. (Download Here)