Top Four Machinist iPhone Apps

Top Four Machinist iPhone Apps
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Machinist Apprentice 2010

Developed by a machinist who has worked in machine shops for more than 30 years, this machinist iPhone app gives you answers to many of the issues you deal with throughout your shop every day. This app is out to help you save time and money as you do your daily work routine in the your shop. It produces the speed and feed numbers you want from the most basic to most advanced cutting tools including other calculations. The app covers calculations in the milling section such as RPM and SFM, turning section such as Helix Angle and Drill Point, Tap Drill such as cut tap inch and cut tap metric, and conversion section such as IN/MM, HP/KW and LB/KG. (Price:$2.99) (Download link)

Machinist Journeyman

machinist journeyman

This is the advanced version of the Machinist Apprentice 2010 geared for the non-apprentice machinist. Machinist Journeyman brings you a user-friendly interface for the desired calculations for Chip Thinning Milling Calculations, Circular Interpolation Feed Adjustments, Tapping Feeds, Trig Functions, Sine Bar, Metric & Inch Conversions, Tap Drill Sizes, Desired Spot Drill and C’Drill Diameter by Depth and more. The app also includes calculations for Milling Sections including - IPR Feeds, IPM Feeds, Milling Miscellaneous, Turning Section, Drilling Section, and more. Like the previous iPhone machinist app, Machinist Journeyman gives you the answers to many of the issues you deal with in your shop throughout the day. What’s commendable about this iPhone machinist app is the fact the it does not only produce the numbers you decide but also illustrates theories while you educate users who are not familiar with these machinist concepts. (Price: $9.99) (Download link)

Machinist Mate

machinist mate

If you’re tired of remembering shop formulas and often find yourself writing down calculations, this app is for you. The app contains SFM calculations, RPM calculations IPR Feed Rate Calculation, IPM Feed Rate Calculation, and IPT Feed Rate Calculation - all for turning, drilling and milling. It also provides you with a conversion calculator for length, area, weight, and temperature, drill chart for fraction, letter, number and metric sizes, tap drill chart for UNC and UNF threads as well as a sketch pad for drawing your own ideas. And if you need to do some calculations of your own, the app also comes with a built-in calculator, a g-code reference chart and trig angle calculator. (Price: $1.99) (Download link)



For a free app, this app delivers some of the great features that most paid iPhone machinist apps offer. It provides you with popular machining formulas used by cnc programmers including basic conversions and shop math. The app also contains basic machinist calculations for milling such as RPM, SFM, IPM, high feed, ID helical interpolation, OD helical interpolation and more. (Price: Free) (Download link)