Top Five iPhone Apps to Improve your IQ

Top Five iPhone Apps to Improve your IQ
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Here’s a pretty straightforward tool to improve your IQ, an IQ app for iPhone. Fully consistent with the standards of IQ testing, this app challenges you to answer various questions with a limited amount of time, then calculates your IQ after you’re done with the testing. The app is very practical and easy to use. It lets you take a break during the test and then continue where you left off. It also lets you pass over any questions then go back to them later. Another nice feature is that the app lets you compare your IQ score with famous people. The app also has a nice user interface as well as lively sound effects. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

IQ Boost


This app serves as a brain game based on the Dual N Back exercise, a proven and tested IQ boosting activity. This test is proven to improve short-term memory and fluid intelligence. What’s good about this app is that it is challenging and requires some dedication to get good at, while at the same time it is enjoyable to play. Some of the app/game’s major features include - improved game tutorial, detailed reporting of progress, optional in game feedback, adjustable difficulty levels, and ability to post your high score and brag about how large your brain is. (Price: $3.99) (Download link)

IQ Test - Original

iq test original

This app offers 33 questions that will accurately evaluate your IQ within 30 minutes. It can help you find out how smart you are through the Classical Intelligence Test. It measures several factors of intelligence including - logical reasoning, language abilities, spatial relations, math skills, knowledge retention and your ability to solve novel problems. All you need to do is to carefully read every question and provide the correct answer. You’ll get a snapshot report with personalized interpretation as soon as you finish the test. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

IQ Test - Calculate Your IQ Now

iq tes

This is the third iPhone IQ app on our list with the same simple title. I’m beginning to think that our iPhone developers don’t have high enough IQs to come up with more creative titles for their iPhone IQ apps. But they are probably too busy perfecting their apps. Anyway, this app lets you calculate your IQ in just a few minutes and then lets you compare your score to others who have used the app. To make the app more credible, it was developed under the supervision of psychologists, so you are pretty much sure that the app will accurately measure your IQ. The app features 50 items that test your logical, spatial, mathematical and memory intelligence. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

IQ Test Master

IQ Test

What makes this iPhone IQ app great is the fact that it lets you know your IQ while having fun at the same time. It’s a well designed iPhone app that can measure your IQ level through the use of language independent, purely logical questions. The app’s use of nice graphics is an additional incentive to use the app. The app requires you to answer 40 questions with varying degrees of difficulty. You have to finish the test in 40 minutes or less. To make sure that you don’t get to memorize the sequence of the test questions, the app randomizes them to make memorization harder. (Price: $$0.99) (Download link)