The Latest Apple iPhone Rumors

The Latest Apple iPhone Rumors
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The Rumor Brigade

iPhone rumors have been a hot topic ever since the release of the first iPhone. While many of the rumors turn out to be false, a handful actually turn out to be true. Some of the most notable rumors include the Gizmodo breakdown and rumor about the iPhone 4 and the redesign.

Thousands, if not millions of people were surprised, when Gizmodo’s rumor turned out to be truth. There have been several other cases where iPhone rumors have also come true. It may be good predictions, good information sources or just downright luck on behalf of the rumor creators. Regardless, there is a never-ending flow of iPhone rumors and we never know which may be truth and which are just what they claim to be: rumors.

Honey, I Shrunk the iPhone

Throw out your hopes and dreams of an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6, here comes the iPhone 0.2". A rumour which began years ago, analyst speculate

that the iPhone will be released in several models with varying screen size. This is one of the funnier iPhone rumors, which simply refuses to die out.

Year after year, Apple release a new iPhone. As a general rule, the screen has stayed the same size. It is not likely that Apple would take the decision to make the iPhone smaller. Especially since the iPhone is largely advertised for its ample screen size. Speculations state that with the varying screen-size, the price would also vary, creating more affordable versions of the iPhone.

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iPhone Gone Verizon

This is another one of the famous iPhone rumors. Like many other rumors, this pertains to a new iPhone; more specifically a new version

Verizon iPhone

of the iPhone, which will be compatible with the Verizon network.

This would mark the end of the exclusivity agreement between Apple and AT&T. Since the launch of the iPhone 3G, analysts and iPhone users have been both speculating, and dreaming of an iPhone for the Verizon network. Many consumers feel that having the iPhone on the Verizon network would offer more options and lead to better prices, both monthly and upfront equipment costs.

In many counties outside the U.S.A, the iPhone is available on multiple carriers. Since the launch of the original iPhone, there has been an exclusive agreement with AT&T in the U.S.A. Will this be one of the iPhone rumors that leads to truth, or just another meaningless rumor?

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Apple To Go Qualcomm

Apple has always chosen Infineon based solutions for their iPhone chips. After several generations of iPhones, it would seem highly unlikely that Apple would change the chip supplier. However, this is one of the iPhone rumors which may actually have potential to be true.

Intel announced its plans to acquire Infineon. With the news of this announcement many iPhone rumors began to form, speculating that the new iPhone will use a Qualcomm based chip solution. Qualcomm is best known for their work with the CDMA technology, however they also produce GSM and mixed technologies as well. Qualcomm is pioneering one of the first planned GSM/CDMA dual compatible chipsets. This may also coincide with the iPhone rumor of the iPhone being released on the Verizon network or another CDMA network.

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Liquid Metal iPhone

Rumors of a Liquid Metal iPhone have been flying around since Apple formed an agreement with the makers of the Liquid Metal material. Liquid Metal is an exotic alloy designed by CalTech, which offers incredible strength and flexibility.

A Liquid Metal iPhone could have many advantages, including potentially increased reception. Many analysts speculate that the future generations of the iPhone will incorporate the Liquid Metal technology. This solution could provide a much stronger iPhone compared to the current glass and plastic model.

Apple has already utilized the Liquid Metal technology on a smaller scale. The SIM tray release tool for the iPhone 3GS is made from Liquid Metal.

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iPhone 4 Version 2

After the initial influx of reports of problems with the iPhone 4 reception and proximity sensor, Apple responded in a very weak manner. Initially denying the problem and later offering free bumpers for the iPhone 4, for a limited time.

Many analysts speculated a full recall of the iPhone 4, which seemed very impractical. Apple then attempted to defuse the situation, by pointing out that other phones suffer from similar problems. Reports quickly began surfacing that a new version of the iPhone 4 was being sold to consumers. This new version fixed the issue with the antenna by using a non-conductive material, furthermore, it fixed the issue with the proximity sensor.

This iPhone rumor was just that, a rumor. There has been no official proof of announcement of an improved version of the iPhone. It seems highly unlikely that Apple would spend time or money fixing the iPhone 4, considering how much of a hit it has been. Apple will likely ignore these problems until the release of the next model.

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iPhone For Sprint

Another one of the iPhone rumors which is similar to the Verizon rumor. This rumor claims that the iPhone will be brought to the Sprint

Sprint iPhone


This rumor seems unlikely since Sprint is currently number three on the list of national carriers. It would seem much more likely that Apple would release the iPhone on the Verizon network before Sprint. While many individuals still insist the iPhone will appear on the Sprint network, it is pure speculation.

An alleged Sprint store employee started the rumor. Again, it would seem very unlikely that a store employee would acquire this information before large media publications and other outlets. Chances are, there will not be an iPhone on the Sprint network anytime soon, if ever.

The iPhone may still be restricted to AT&T, but you can read about, How to Use the iPhone on Other Providers to learn about some alternatives to using the iPhone on AT&T.

Colorful iPhones


This is one of the newer iPhone rumors which hit the internet after the release of the iPhone 4. iPhone consumers and media resources speculated that Apple would or will release colored versions of the iPhone.

Similar to the black and white color scheme, many individuals envision blue and green iPhones as well. This would seem like a good move for Apple, however it is not likely. Apple has a record of keeping their designs very simple and typically they stick to one color scheme. The white and black color schemes fit Apple’s simplistic styling very well.

Opening the doors to design, and allowing colors would seem very unlikely for Apple. It would also increase the production complexity and possibly even the cost. Apple will not likely create more inventory, when it’s already so hard to maintain a stock of black and white iPhones.

While colors may never come, we are still waiting for the white version of the iPhone 4. Learn about the white iPhone 4.