10 Crazy Apps for your iPhone

10 Crazy Apps for your iPhone
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Sorry folks but we can’t help but put this app as the first app on our list of crazy iPhone apps. Nothing could be crazier than an iPhone app that lets you play 20 different farting sounds. This app may be funny for some while simply annoying or groan inducing for others but hey, it’s a crazy app. To make things even more crazy, the app even has some extra features including - random farting, favorite a fart, tap to play a fart sound, tap to repeat the fart sound, and time delay. iFart simply beats all the other crazy apps for iPhone. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)



Are you willing to spend $2 for an app that lets you put out a candle by blowing on to your iPhone or tapping the virtual flame? Or to light it up, just flick on the core of the candle? Well, that’s what you will be able to do if you purchase this crazy iPhone app. To add some excitement to the app, you have six types of candles to play with. If you do get this app, try using it in a dark room and see if it succeeds in giving you a calming effect. (Price: $1.99) (Download link)



No matter how many accolades this iPhone app has received, it’s still a crazy iPhone app in our book. Alright, let me just say it’s a cool kind of crazy. If you haven’t heard about this app, well it’s a pretty simple and yet funny app that turns your iPhone into a realistic beer that you can drink, shake to form a foam and even pour it from one iPhone to another iPhone. The only difference with this app and a real beer is that you won’t get a hangover if you drink too much of this. Did we mention that you’ll have 6 different types of drinks to choose from? (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

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From iBeer to iSteam, yes this is another crazy iPhone app which gathered a good amount of praise from major newspapers including the New York Times. What this app does is to turn your iPhone into a foggy surface just like your mirror looks after you take a hot shower. What’s good about this app is that it fully utilizes the iPhone’s features - accelerometer, multitouch, mic, and speakers. This app is fully interactive and lets you do various things including - blowing on your iPhone’s mic to haze the screen, write and draw, shake to clear the screen, watch droplets form, write secret messages and more. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)



Another crazy, useless and yet likable iPhone app - Zips simulates a real-life zipper. It’s only purpose, the reason why you want to unzip it, is to find out what’s behind your zipper. It features smooth unzipping of the pants, various undergarments which you can choose from or you can even take a photo of your own undergarments and use them for the app. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

Pimple Popper


Are you up for a zit zapping, pimple popping and squeezing kind of fun? If you’ve wanted to this before but could not take the pain of doing it to your own pimples, here’s your chance to do it pain free. This crazy iPhone app gives you three types of pimples to zit and zap, pop or squeeze out. You can choose from squeezing blackheads, whiteheads or full blown pimples. This app features realistic squeezing motion and pimple pus oozing out. You also get to choose 5 difference faces to attack. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

Sim Stapler


Here’s another crazy and useless iPhone app - SimStapler. And yes, you guess it right it simulates the very popular office equipment that we call - the Stapler. So, what can you do with this app? Well, with a little boost of your imagination, you can pretend to staple any documents. Don’t laugh now because this crazy iPhone app can be pretty addictive. (Price: Free) (Download link)

Poo Log


What would you call an app that lets you log your bowel movements? Or time your poo sessions? It’s a crazy iPhone app, right? That’s Poo Log for you, an app which, don’t be surprise now, was based on a best-selling book - “What’s Your Poo Telling You?” Wait, this app not only lets you log your poo but graph your poo sessions as well. Plus, you’ll also find handy references, trivia and interesting nuggets - all about poo. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

Creepy Dolls

creepy dolls

Are you a doll lover? If yes, then stay away from this crazy iPhone app. It will change the way you appreciate dolls. What this app does is to display creepy dolls using a spinning picker. And it even plays creepy baby sounds as a creepy baby doll is displayed. Children will definitely creep out when they use this app. But wait, if you love “Chuckie,” then this app is for you. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

Moop Sounds Funny

moop sounds funny

Crazy, silly, and funny. Those are the three words that describe this app called Moop Sounds Funny. This app is basically a sound effects board featuring 48 top quality sounds with each sound represented by well designed icons. Choose from various funny and crazy sound effects including - Cricket Chirp, Drum Roll, Cymbal, Rimshot (Ba-dum-chic), Baby Cry, and more. (Price: $1.99) (Download link)

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