iPhone Dictionary and Thesaurus Guide

iPhone Dictionary and Thesaurus Guide
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Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

The advanced English Dictionary app is different from any other dictionary and thesaurus app for the iPhone as it offers more words than a typical paper dictionary. This app is ideal for a classroom setting as it also shows how words are linked, which helps with determining the meaning of words. Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus is available in iTunes for only $0.99. Click here to open and download Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus for $0.99!

American Heritage Dictionary

American Heritage

American Heritage Dictionary is the ultimate dictionary app for the iPhone! You get the largest mobile dictionary, offered for any platform, installed right on your iPhone and it’s available offline. The features include pop-up pronunciation and professionally recorded sound files so you can hear how a word is pronounced. Forget about carrying that bulky dictionary around with you in your bag for school, with this app you have the entire American Heritage Dictionary available right at your fingertips to use in class or even on the go. Click here to open and download American Heritage Dictionary for $14.99 in iTunes!

Dictionary.com – Dictionary & Thesaurus


The Dictionary.com app, from the well-known and trusted makers of Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com, is one of the most easy to use apps available. With nearly 1 million words and definitions available at your fingertips, the Dictionary.com app also features audio pronunciations and the “Word of the Day” for your convenience and best of all, it’s free! Click here to open and download the Dictionary.com app for free in iTunes!

WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPhone


Have you ever wondered about the correct pronunciation of a word? Well, wonder no more! WordBook offers recorded pronunciation for 150,000 + entries to help you understand how a word is pronounced. This app also offers the word origin and a built-in spell checker for your convenience. With WordBook, a thesaurus is also included as well as “Word of the Day” to keep you on top of your vocabulary skills; all you have to do is shake your iPhone for a list of random new words to display on the screen of your phone. Click here to open and download WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus for $1.99 in iTunes!

WordWeb Dictionary


The WordWeb dictionary app is a dictionary and thesaurus, all for free! It offers spelling suggestions, definitions, examples, related words, and best of all, no advertisements. This app corrects your spelling as you type and recognizes words that sound the same or words that are often confused with other words. If you don’t have an Internet connection, don’t worry, you can still view WordWeb on your phone. How cool is that? Click here to open and download WordWeb Dictionary free with iTunes!