How to Apply an iPhone Screen Protector

How to Apply an iPhone Screen Protector
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How to Apply an iPhone Screen Protector

iPhones don’t come cheap. If you’ve recently bought the new iPhone 4, or indeed want to keep your older version looking its best, then buying and applying screen a screen protector is a great idea. For starters, it protects the most important part of any touchscreen device; the screen. It keeps your phone looking snazzy and if you ever want to sell on your iPhone, then by protecting the screen from day 1 you increase the resale value a lot.

What is a Screen Protector

An iPhone screen protector is an extremely thin piece of slightly adhesive plastic which will fit exactly over the front of your iPhone. Any keys or coins in your pocket will damage the protector instead of your screen. When the screen protector is worn out it can be easily replaced by a new one. Also, a screen protector won’t interfere with the touch responsiveness of your iPhone.

Preparing Your iPhone for the Screen Protector

The last thing you want is to begin using your iPhone after applying the screen protector and realize there is dust, dirt and fingerprints beneath the screen protector. So first thing’s first; give your iPhone a good clean.

The best way to get rid of dust and dirt is to use a soft dust cloth to wipe down your iPhone. Dont use a wet rag or cloth as these will likely just spread around any grease/oil on your phone from your hands and leave streaks.

Then, using a small bit of polish (I find furniture wax polish works a treat) and some tissue, give your iPhone a quick polishing to bring up a nice high shine and to rid it of any fingerprints or greasy residue. Your iPhone is now ready for the screen protector.

Apply the Screen Protector

Having removed the screen protector from its packaging, and with your iPhone placed face up on a flat surface, line the bottom of the screen protector up with the bottom of the iPhone. Gently allow the screen protector to roll down onto the iPhone while adjusting it slightly to make sure it is completely matched up to the phone.

Once you get to the halfway point, and the screen protector is matched up pretty good, then you can simply roll the rest onto the iPhone.

Then, inspect your iPhone to make sure the screen protector lines up with the edges of the phone, the speaker and the menu button. Hopefully all has gone well. If not, simply peel back the screen protector and reset it in its correct position.

Replacing Your iPhone Screen Protector

Remember, over time screen protectors become damaged by items in your pocket and general wear and tear. So to have a smooth screen with a great picture, remember to replace your screen protector regularly .

To do this, simply peel off the screen protector from one of the corners and repeat the process above.