Problems Surrounding the iOS 4 Update for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs

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The iOS 4 update, which came standard on the iPhone 4 and is downloadable for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs, was a major iPhone OS update and has brought a whole host of different features that were not in place before. Just as with the iPhone 4, the image of perfection was short lived for iOS 4 as problems began to spark up. For the most part the iOS 4 update has been a great step up for all users, but there are a few iOS 4 problems that are still embedded. Here are some of the more common iOS 4 problems that you may run into behind your touch screen.

iPhone 3G Problems

Apple is forcefully ignoring older iPhones by not allowing the iOS 4 update to be used on first generation iPhones and showing that it has major problems when running on the iPhone 3G. There have been accounts that the iOS 4 cuts down on the iPhone 3G’s battery life, but this has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. What is obvious is that the iOS 4 update does make the iPhone 3G run a little sluggish and can cause problems when trying to run a number of commands. The multitasking and folders options from the iOS 4 update are not as responsive as they should be and there have been issues with the iPhone 3G overheating. There are no concrete answers for this other than to wait for more incremental iPhone updates like there were with the iOS 4.0.1 and the iOS 4.0.2 updates, respectively.

The iOS 4 Update Process

Many people, especially iPhone 3G users, have complained of problems during the actual iOS 4 update. A process that is only supposed to take nineteen to twenty minutes may take over two hours, and in this case you should simply stop the iOS update. This extension of time for the iOS 4 update is only for backing up your media, so instead what you should do is back up your iPhone ahead of time. From there you can restore your iPhone to the factory settings and then you can retry the iOS 4 update, which should work with no problem after that.

You should also try to restore the iPhone to its factory settings if you find that you are getting the 3002 error code. Just finish the iPhone’s back up and restoration before trying the iOS 4 update again, and the error message should be over.

The iPhone back up is going to be important for all iPhone users that are updating to iOS 4 as there have been reports of lost contacts, so make sure that you have everything saved on MobileMe or your Gmail account.

Blury Photos and MMS Messages

There have been several accounts that after the iOS 4 updates the iPhone has blurry photos or issues with the MMS messaging. This may be because of the upgrades in imaging software, but it is still a common problem. There is no official way to troubleshoot this iOS 4 issue other than to go into recovery mode. Try to restore your iPhone first before going into this, but you may want to clear out all of the affected photos and MMS messages.