The Upcoming White iPhone 4: Why It Was Delayed, What's Coming With It, and How to DIY

The Upcoming White iPhone 4: Why It Was Delayed, What's Coming With It, and How to DIY
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Paint it White

The iPhone is not known for releasing a whole range of diversity when it comes to exterior aesthetics, but beyond a repaired antenna it seems like the elusive white iPhone 4 is one of the most requested items from this newest generation of iPhones. Right now there has been a lot of rumble and rumors around the possibility of a white iPhone, but it is difficult to separate the fact from the fiction. The internet is filled with images of a white iPhone, but many of these pictures are simply the result of a creative hand and Adobe CS5. Here is a look at what may be coming with the white iPhone.


The white iPhone 4 was announced at WWDC and since then has had two delays, both of which seemed unlikely ahead of time. The first anticipated release of the white iPhone 4 was intended to be the end of July, 2010, but this came and went. One insider suggested that there


were some issues with the white paint on the iPhone itself in that made a negative adjustment to the frame. There has also been mention that the exact paint and glass mixture has been more difficult to manufacture than Apple thought it would be, though this may seem unlikely to some. In other rumors it was suggested that Apple could not repair light leaking out of the corners of the white iPhone’s casing.

There have even been suggestions that the only delay on the white iPhone is one so that they can fix every antenna problem that is still in place, which would mean that when the white iPhone is released it will be a repaired version of the iPhone 4. Nevertheless, it is pretty clear that before the white iPhone can see a release the iPhone 4s initial demand needs to be met. Though it may have slowed down from the first week estimates of three million sold, it still marks itself as the current “it baby” of fashionable consumption.

What to Expect

For iUsers who do want a white iPhone 4 they are going to have to expect more than they have in the past. Users of the white iPhone 3Gs noted that there was often a darkening of the case appearance over time, which may be something that Apple intends to remedy over its long string of delays. Since the iPhone 4’s exterior is glass and not metal this changes the game, but it is difficult to tell whether or not this will make the process more difficult.

If you have been sitting back in anticipation of the white iPhone 4 you are probably in better shape than those that made the runaway purchases right in the beginning. Many have speculated that the iPhone 5, or some variation there of, will be released in less than a year’s time in an effort to show an alternative to the iPhone 4 antenna problem. If the white iPhone delays are partially to repair the antenna then there is a high likelihood that the white iPhone 4 will be all that was promised from the iPhone 4 without the dropped calls. Beyond this the iPhone should have an even brighter white than with the iPhone 3Gs, especially marked by the casing. It will likely not have any of the other features that would constitute a full iPhone 5, but at least it will fix the past. You should also note that the touch screen will actually feel different against the white iPhone casing, and some users may have to increase the screen’s brightness to see it properly.

Make Your Own White iPhone


Leave it up to an internet techie to dismantle a brand new iPhone, but it has already happened. People have already begun a “make your own white iPhone” craze, and now direction on how to dismantle and make your own white iPhone is all over the place This is a difficult process and few people have suggested that it is really worth it, but it is an option for those who refuse to wait or have money to pay others to work on their iPhone.