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The Best Cydia Sources

There are plenty of great iPhone apps which are available via Cydia. The true questions is where to find these apps and the answer is that these apps are located on some of the best Cydia sources. Cydia sources are almost like a library or repository of applications for the iPhone. Many different Cydia sources exist on the internet across many different servers and even in many different languages. Some Cydia Sources have specific themes and styles of applications while others list just about everything.

NERV Repository

Cydia URL:

The NERV Repository is one of the best Cydia Sources due to the wide range of useful content. Some of the more notable content found on the NERV Repository includes useful tweaks and “hacks” for your iPhone which will increase functionality and usability. The NERV Repository has gained most of its fame from the “Push Doctor” application which allows users to receive push notifications on Hacktivated (unofficially activated) iPhone’s for free. Push Donor is another great piece of software which allows users to contribute unused push certificates.

ModMyi Repository

Cydia URL:

The ModMyi repository is a great source for just about everything. This repository hosts many different user submitted apps and the selection is practically endless. The ModMyi repository hosts thousands of themes, ringtones, wallpapers, games and just about every other type of app. The ModMyi repository is one of the best Cydia Sources and no iPhone should be without it.

BigBoss Repository

Cydia URL:

BigBoss is one of the best Cydia Sources because of the sheer size of the repository. The number of packages hosted on BigBoss is literally beyond the point of counting. BigBoss claims to be the largest of the Cydia Sources and that claim may very well be true. Everything can be found on the BigBoss Repository including apps, games, themes, sounds and even Ace Ventura ringtones. BigBoss is huge, packed with variety and definitely one of the best Cydia Sources.

xSellize Repository

Cydia URL:

xSellize is both one of the best Cydia Sources and one of the more questionable Cydia Sources. Inside xSellize you will find many great things including a huge selection of rare and hard to find ringtones. There are also plenty of themes to be found in the xSellize Repository. In addition to the legal content there is also some questionable content as the xSellize Repository has a known reputation for hosting cracked iPhone apps. Use the xSellize Repository at your own risk and be careful to ensure that you are downloading legal content. Repository

Cydia URL:

Another semi-questionable repository is the Repository. Hosting just a few select packages, the Repository is one of the most useful for some individuals and therefore it deserves its spot on the list of the best Cydia Sources. Inside the Repository users will find applications such as AppSync which allows applications with DRM to be synced to and from iTunes. Other packages include Hackulous Security which is the first malware detection and prevention application for the iPhone. Crackers will also find many useful tools in the Repository. Always keep in mind the legality of the software you choose to download and how you use it.

iSpazio Repository

Cydia URL:

The iSpazio Repository is another one of the best Cydia Sources. The iSpazio Repository is actually the official Cydia repository of the popular Italian iPhone website, iSpazio. Hosting a large selection of ringtones, themes and even some great tweaks, iSpazio is without a doubt an essential Cydia Source. Some great new lockscreen themes and SMS themes can be found on iSpazio to name just a few things. Give iSpazio a look and find out why it is one of the better Cydia Sources to have on your iPhone.

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Learn more about Cydia and the iPhone Jailbreaking scene with these great articles and guides. Now that you have learned about the best Cydia Sources learn about the Best Cydia Applications for iPhone. Cydia Sources open the door to the possibility of new apps and content for your iPhone through Cydia.

New Cydia Sources may become available at any time. This list is the current best offering of Cydia Sources. Larger Cydia Sources do not frequently shut down or disappear therefore this list is likely to remain valid for a very long time. Cydia Sources (Repositories) are typically updated either daily or every few days therefore you should continue to check your favorite Cydia Sources for updates frequently.

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