Tips for Using the internet on the iPhone

Tips for Using the internet on the iPhone
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Internet Browsing

The iPhone may be considered primarily a device for managing phone calls, but in reality it is also a full service internet mobile machine. With this you have the ability to use iPhone instant messaging, iPhone web browser features with the standard Safari, and thousands upon thousands of apps that utilize web services. Here you have a couple of options: using available Wi-Fi internet networks or tapping into the always present 3G network, though your amount of internet time may be limited by new AT&T data plans. If you do plan on using the standard iPhone internet features you are going to need to remember a few items and fight a few others.

How Do I Prevent My iPhone From Going Directly to a Mobile Web Site?

The iPhone itself will often be sent to a mobile web site, that is supposedly directed toward iPhone and other smartphone use. If you want to know how to prevent an iPhone going directly to a mobile web site read on. Most iPad users are also interested in knowing how to prevent an iPad from going directly to a mobile web site, especially because of the development of the browser. The easiest way to prevent the iPhone from going directly to a mobile web site is to avoid using Safari. Instead, you can download a whole number of other iPhone web browsers from the iTunes App Store, many of which will not bring up the mobile web site version by default. If you do not mind the iPhone going directly to a mobile web site, but still prefer the standard one, then you can simply select the standard view on the majority of these web sites.

iPhone Web Browser

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The standard iPhone web browser is Safari, and this is Apple’s branded fighter. This is not the only iPhone web

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browser, but for standard use this is going to be the iPhone web browser that will be needed. There are a lot of non-native iPhone web browser apps available at the iTunes App Store that you can try out. People have been waiting for Mozilla Firefox to come to the iPhone as a web browser, but with Firefox Home you will only get some of the standard bookmarks and tabs from your home computer that can be used with the iPhone web browser that you use. The Opera Mini web browser is a nice iPhone web browser for use when you need to be quick as it compresses the information before getting it to you, making loading processes fairly fast. Taptu Search is also a very nice incarnation of an iPhone web browser as it itemizes how you actually search through the internet, making it interface more with touch and sliding features, and really is defined in terms of the iPhone’s interface instead of the traditional force of the internet browser.

Wi-Fi and 3G

Traditionally, the 3G network has been the primary focus of internet use for the iPhone. Wi-Fi is obviously faster, and gives more allowances with things like App Store downloads, but you could get the 3G network anywhere there is service. With the newest iPhone service contracts that have come along with the new iPhone 4 there are data plan limits, which make people limit how they use their free internet. For new contract users it is important to focus internet use on Wi-Fi networks when in stationary places and to check data use to make sure you do not go over the limits.