Best iPhone Promotion Sites

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Why Advertise?

iPhone app development is a crazy journey. There are so many things you need to learn if you’re planning on doing it all yourself. First you learn the code, then the simulator, then the submission process, and by the time you’re ready to start again on a new creation, something has changed and you have to learn the process all over again.

But the iPhone developer’s journey doesn’t end there; once you’ve submitted your app for approval and had it placed on the iTunes App Store the process of promoting, marketing and selling your app begins.

One of the best ways to do this is to get some free coverage on a blog or two. If your app is quality you’ll get some nice quotes to help you promote it to a larger audience. You’ll want your app to show up on as many websites as possible to make the most money, but some are better than others. Some sites will get you more sales by simply advertising with them, but there is always a cost to that. It all depends on what direction you want to take your marketing. Luckily, we’ve made the process a tad simpler for you by creating a guide to five fantastic websites that should know about your creation.

The Big Ones

Getting your app covered on a site that specializes in consumer electronics is a good start, but if you make it to one of these heavy hitters you’re going to have quite a few eyes on your app. These sites feed into hundreds of RSS feeds and collectors so the influence flows far further than just the original post.

Gizmodo - Gizmodo frequently covers iPhone apps and interesting new concepts. They’ll occasionally cover games (that is mostly handled by their sister site Kotaku) but they will mostly cover cool non-game entertainment apps and basically anything that is making a name for itself on the App Store.

Engadget - Like Gizmodo, Engadget covers consumer electronics as a whole. That means that a good percentage of the people reading about your app will know what an iPhone is and may very well have one of their own. They don’t cover quite as many games and apps as Gizmodo but if it is truly unique and high quality you will at least have a chance to reaching coverable status.

iPhone Specific Sites

Slide To Play - Specializing in iPhone games and game-like entertainment applications, Slide To Play has made a name for itself with solid writing and an app-friendly atmosphere. You can bet that close to 99 percent of the visitors own an iPhone so getting coverage here is a pretty big deal. You can also advertise on sites like Slide To Play for much cheaper than a site like Engadget would charge.

Touch Arcade - Again, as the name would imply, Touch Arcade specializes in covering iPhone games. In addition to the reviews and advertising options like Slide To Play, Touch Arcade’s forums seem to be the top in the iPhone games space. Frequent giveaways are done through the forums and many solid titles are frequently available. Getting coverage on Touch Arcade is a solid step in the right direction.