iPhone App: Babyface

iPhone App: Babyface
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What’s it all about?

To be completely honest, the first time I used Babyface for the iPhone I was rather skeptical. I mean, can you really predict what a future child will look like when it is born? To be honest, I’m still pretty skeptical, since I haven’t actually had a baby yet so I have no idea if the image the app produced would be anything close to the real deal. Still, I was impressed with how the app produced the image, and the depth of specifications you can input into the mother’s and father’s traits.

You start off entering all the critical info of the parents, including eye color, skin color, face shape, chin type, and a ton of similar feature options. Once entering in all the critical info, the app is ready to work its magic. You can then view a list of the baby’s probable traits or even a visual representation of the baby itself. The image of the baby is rather cartoonish, but realistic enough to see similarities to the mother and father.

If that wasn’t enough you can even view what the baby would look like with more of the mother’s traits, or more of the father’s traits, so you can see what parent is influencing the baby’s appearance in what way. The app then saves the data so that you can view the images later, or even shoot a screenshot and save it right to your iPhone’s gallery.

The Verdict


Like I said earlier, it’s hard to tell just how accurate the app is, as I haven’t really had a baby that I’ve been able to compare the rendered image to. Despite that, it was still pretty cool to see a baby created with the traits of me and my significant other. She also thought it was a pretty neat diversion, but once you’ve used it once, it’s hard to find another reason to boot it up. Unless you’re dating a new person every week, and want to see how different partners would change what a future baby may look like, there isn’t much to do with it beyond the initial run.

I guess it’s all up to the customer to decide whether or not the $1.99 is worth it for you to check it out. There aren’t really any other options available on the iPhone, so it’s hard to compare features or value with anything else currently available.

What it comes down to is that you probably already know if this app is for you or not. If the premise sounds cool, and you and your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife are thinking about your first child, it’s rather cool to use for the first time, but not much use past that.