Troubleshooting iPhone Boot Problems: What Do I Do if iPhone Just Showing Apple Logo?

Troubleshooting iPhone Boot Problems: What Do I Do if iPhone Just Showing Apple Logo?
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Causes of iPhone Boot Problems

Troubleshooting iPhone boot problems is generally not very complicated. There are only a handful of causes for iPhone boot problems and even fewer solutions. The first step in troubleshooting iPhone boot problems is to identify the cause of the problem. Identifying the cause of the problem will make it easier to fix, as well as easier to avoid future problems.


Common causes of iPhone boot problems include:

  • Interruption during Jailbreak.
  • Improper firmware or tools for Jailbreak.
  • Incorrect attempt to Unlock iPhone.

The iPhone operating system is set up in a way which prevents regular programs from causing boot problems. Essentially boot problems are only caused when modifications to the systems bootloader, operating system or modem baseband are not properly completed. Rare cases exist in which the iPhone encounters boot problems without any attempt at jailbreaking or unlocking the phone. Reviewing these causes for iPhone boot problems will help when troubleshooting. So if you’re wondering what do I do if my iPhone is just showing the Apple logo? Read on for an answer.

Troubleshooting iPhone Boot Problems

Boot problems are easily identified when the iPhone hangs at the Apple logo during boot. In rare cases the iPhone may display other content on the screen during boot or get stuck in a contentious loop of rebooting. This is a list of possible solutions for an iPhone with boot problems. Utilize the list step by step for troubleshooting iPhone boot problems.

  1. Reboot the iPhone. Press the Home button and hold it down. Press the power button down while continuing to hold the Home button. Wait fifteen to twenty seconds until the iPhone restarts. Release the power button and the home button. Wait and see if the iPhone continues to experience boot problems.
  2. Restore current firmware. Connect the iPhone to your computer with iTunes open. Enter DFU mode on your iPhone by pressing both the home and power button. Release the power button just before the Apple logo appears. Hold down the shift key on your keyboard and click the Restore button in iTunes. Select the current version of firmware you are using. Allow iTunes to complete the restore process.This should resolve your iPhone boot problems, if it does not then proceed to step three.
  3. Automated restore. As a last resort your will need to restore and update your iPhone using iTunes. Connect the iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Select the Restore button and iTunes will prompt you to update to the latest version if you do not already have it. Select yes and allow iTunes to continue updating your iPhone. Once the entire process is finished you should have an iPhone without boot problems. Restoring and updating your iPhone with iTunes will return your iPhone to a “jailed” state and essentially erase your jailbreak or unlock.

There are not many options for troubleshooting iPhone boot problems. Once the iPhone boot loader, operating system or modem baseband has become corrupter the iPhone will fail to boot. Troubleshooting iPhone boot problems essentially consists of restarting the phone to verify it is in fact experiencing boot problems. Upon confirming the iPhone is experiencing boot problems the next option is to restore the iPhone and essentially return it to a functioning state. When troubleshooting iPhone boot problems there is not a particular way to narrow down the problem and fix the individual cause but rather a general restore.