What is the Best Flash Player for the iPhone?

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The Best Flash Player for the iPhone: How it Began

The entire reason this article on the best Flash player for the iPhone needs to be written is simply because Apple and Adobe are not on level ground with Flash on the iPhone. Apple and Adobe do just fine in other departments, with plenty of software from Adobe supported on the Macintosh platform. When it comes to the iPhone, Flash may never have a home, not officially.

Steve Jobs of Apple effectively shattered any chance of ever seeing Flash on the iPhone. Starting an all out war over Flash on the iPhone with Adobe by pointing out the many problems with the Flash software from Adobe. Steve Jobs mentioned that both battery life and performance would suffer greatly if Flash were to be used on the iPhone. In addition, Steve Jobs generously pointed out that Adobe has yet to successfully release any mobile version of Flash to date.

Users of the iPhone are caught in the crossfire, wanting to be able to access their favorite Flash content. Many content providers on the Internet, such as Hulu, use Flash for streaming video. iPhone users do not have the ability to enjoy such websites as Hulu, or do they?

CloudBrowse: The Way to Flash on the iPhone

The best Flash player for the iPhone is just that, a Flash player. Not created by Adobe nor authorized by Adobe due to the situation between Adobe and Apple. The player is actually a client that connects to a service called CloudBrowse. CloudBrowse is a cloud computing platform that downloads, converts and streams the Flash video to the iPhone. Not only is CloudBrowse the best Flash player for the iPhone but you won’t even have to jailbreak to use it.

CloudBrowse is available for download on the AppStore. CloudBrowse is great because it works with nearly all Flash files. It allows for touch interaction with Flash files and is capable of playing content from many major web providers including Hulu. CloudBrowse is the best Flash player for the iPhone, however, it is not perfect.

The playback speed on CloudBrowse is limited due to the need to stream the media back to the iPhone. There is apparently another version of the application that will correct this, although it is not free. The speed of the regular CloudBrowse application is more than acceptable for viewing Flash media, the sound comes through well also. The usability of CloudBrowse makes it the best Flash player for the iPhone.

Although CloudBrowse doesn’t offer full-speed Flash playback it is still much faster than the competition. Applications such as SmokeScreen use a Java interpreter to decode the actual video contained in the Flash file. This method works without processing the Flash file on another computer (CloudBrowse) however the playback is terribly slow. In fact, the playback is incredibly slow and the audio constantly out of sync. CloudBrowse is much more efficient for video and audio playback and interactive media.

CloudBrowse: Permanent or Temporary?

Promises of Flash Lite on the iPhone have existed for years, yet no product has been revealed. The hopes of an official Adobe solution are very slim with the current Apple and Adobe conflict. Alternatives such as Smokescreen are too limited with playback speed rendering them almost useless for streaming video.

Therefore, the best option is CloudBrowse. CloudBrowse may prove to be a long-term solution if the developers continue to maintain and update the application. It is likely that one day there will be a Flash player for the iPhone capable of decoding Flash video directly on the device and not using a remote computing system. However at this time, CloudBrowse is definitely the best Flash player for the iPhone.