Best Art Apps for iPhone

Best Art Apps for iPhone
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This art app is touted as the bestselling art app on the app store and it certainly is one of the best art apps available for your iPhone. With more than 200 artists and their art works featured, it’s really not surprising that Art app has become one of the most downloaded apps from its genre. It’s both educational and entertaining as the app provides you with artist bios, more than 6000 pictures that you can view in both portrait and landscape mode, offline browsing of art images, animated slideshow, quiz game and many more features. (Price: Free) (Download link)

Tripping Fest 2 - Drawing and Sketching

Tripping Fest 2

If abstract art pleases you, this app will allow you to create those kind of drawings on your iPhone. This iPhone art app allows you to draw art work that depicts optical illusions, 3D drawings, symmetry-based drawing, flexible coloring, general purpose drawing and possibly all art works that might otherwise seem crazy ideas for other people and yet art for you. In other words - amazing drawings. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

Art Gallery Premium

Here’s another art gallery app for your iPhone. It features more than 7,500 art pictures submitted by users and you can pick any of the images and save them to your photo album for viewing later. The app also allows you to view art works in portrait or landscape mode and search for a particular artist, art title or date created. (Price:$0.99) (Download link)

SketchBook Mobile

SketchBook Mobile

Sketchbook Mobile is a very good app that offers sketching tools delivered through an intuitive interface. It’s useful for capturing your ideas and for producing art works while on the move. The app features - full screen workspace and multitouch navigation with 2500% zoom. It also lets you transform and duplicate layer, save work-in-progress, export to Photo library, and swap between two brushes while sketching. Easily enough to make it one of the best art apps available. (Price:$2.99) (Download link)

Abstract Glowing Art

Abstract Glowing Art

Another good app for creating abstract art, and this time the glowing type. This art app is booth a doodle app and professional drawing app for digital artists and digital art enthusiasts. It’s an easy to use and handy app for creating cool, glowing art works. The app features more than 30 brushes and lets you share your art work on Facebook, Twitter or email. Other features of this app include - save art pieces to your iPhone’s camera roll, fast and unlimited undo, in-app video guide, auto save feature, shake to clear the screen, simple and responsive user interface and more. (Price: Free) (Download link)



If you consider cartoon paintings as art, better get his app. ToonPAINT lets you create cartoon paintings using your own photos. This app is a smart painting app that makes you exercise your creativity in three simple steps as follow - upload your photo, create an auto magic sketch and color it your way. The app also lets you import pictures from your iPhone camera roll, pick three different color palettes, undo/redo your sketch and coloring, pinch-zoom and pan while painting, and color-in magic sketches using your fingers. (Price:$1.99) (Download link)



Here’s an art game that you’ll enjoy if you like art. This game is easy to learn and yet offers 80 enticing levels of fun that you can play at your own leisure. This drawing game will challenge both your precision and timing. It features online high score, multi-color sketch palette, adjustable brush size, game resume functionality, multiple difficulty levels and tons of other features as well. (Price:$0.99) (Download link)

Whiteboard Pro: Collaborative Drawing

Whiteboard Pro

Here’s a rather unique drawing art app for your iPhone. It’s unique because of its collaborative feature, meaning it lets you create pictures/drawings not just by yourself but with the help of your friends and other iPhone users. The app allows two or more iPhones to connect and work on the same drawing via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Its features include - image transfer, newly redesigned interface, and online gallery. What’s great about this app is that it runs smoothly despite having to rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is definitely one of the best art apps on the iPhone and the collaborative feature makes for lots of fun with friends. (Price:$3.99) (Download link)

Art Authority

Art Authority

Featuring a collection of more than 1,000 Western artists and more than 40,000 paintings and sculptures, this app will give you the ultimate dosage of art viewing. It features art works from the ancient, Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance, Romantic, Baroque, and other art eras. It even has a special section for American art. And for your viewing pleasure the app lets you continuously shuffle through all art or by period, access in-depth information about the featured art work, display slideshow in full-screen mode, multi-touch controls, save images to your iPhone’s photo app and more. (Price: $7.99) (Download link)

Art Model 3

art model

Here’s an interesting art app will catch your attention while your browse for the best art apps from the app store. If you’re a hand artist, this app will let you take a closer look at the shape expressions that hand gestures can make. It features 300 unique photos of hands in various poses and each pose is represented in a full-360 3D model. You can browse all poses easily as well. And for more additional details the app lets you zoom and rotate images. It’s pretty interesting and worth a look. (Price: $0.99). (Download link)