Get iPhone Apps Without iTunes or a Computer

Get iPhone Apps Without iTunes or a Computer
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To Jailbreak or Not to Jailbreak

There are many perks to jailbreaking, one of which is the ability to get iPhone apps without iTunes. Yes, it is possible to find and load applications onto the iPhone without ever needing to touch iTunes, just like it is possible to put music on the iPhone without iTunes. There are a large number of apps available from both big name developers and smaller independent developers just waiting to be loaded on to your iPhone. Most of these apps you can’t find in iTunes but you can get them without iTunes.

There are two ways to get iPhone apps without iTunes. The first method involves using a computer to transfer the downloaded files to a jailbroken iPhone. The second method is to download them directly to the iPhone using a jailbroken application. Since both methods require the iPhone to be jailbroken, it is best to get iPhone apps without iTunes directly on the iPhone, without the need for a computer.

Download Installous

In order to get iPhone apps without iTunes you will need a wonderful program called Installous. Released by the popular iPhone website, “”, Installous allows iPhone users to get iPhone apps without iTunes and without a computer. Installous can be found on Cydia, which is a standard app that comes on jailbroken iPhones. Cydia by itself can be used to download applications, however there is a much larger selection with Installous.

  1. Open Cydia. From the home screen of your iPhone, tap on the Cydia icon. The Cydia icon is a brown box with a smaller brown box in the center.
  2. Tap the manage section. On the bottom row of icons in Cydia, tap “Manage”. Select “Sources” by tapping it.
  3. Select add source. Tap “Edit” in the upper right corner of the screen. Now select “Add” directly across on the upper right of the screen. A new window will appear prompting you for a URL.
  4. Enter the repo. Enter the following Cydia repo without quotes, “”. Then press “Add Source”.
  5. Search for Installous. From the bottom navigation bar in Cydia, tap “Search”. Enter “Installous” and the package will come up in the list.
  6. Install Installous. To install the package, tap the package name. Select “Modify” in the upper right corner. When the new menu pops up, select “Install”. Allow the program to install, this may take several minutes. You will use Installous to get iPhone apps without iTunes.
  7. Return to the home screen. Press the home button on your iPhone to return to the home screen.

Using Installous

Installous is a truly wonderful tool for locating, download and installing iPhone applications, all without iTunes. Now that you have downloaded Installous onto your iPhone, it is time to learn how to use Installous.

  1. Open Installous. From the home screen tap the Installous icon. This will launch Installous.
  2. Select an App to download. Select an application to download by tapping it. This will launch a new window.
  3. Select the download action. In the App description window, select the download tab.
  4. Download the App. Tap one of the many sources listed to download the iPhone apps without iTunes. This may take several minutes depending on the size of the application and your internet connection.
  5. Installing the App. After the download is complete, Installous will automatically install the application. Sit back and wait until it is finished.
  6. Exit to home screen. Exit to the home screen by pressing the home button. The app should now be present on your iPhone. That is how you get iPhone apps without iTunes. You may repeat this process as necessary to download more apps to your iPhone without iTunes.


  • Downloading copyrighted content without paying for it is illegal.
  • There are plenty of free apps designed for the iPhone that can be installed without iTunes.
  • Getting iPhone apps without iTunes is a very simple process once you have the proper programs downloaded.
  • To get iPhone apps without iTunes it is best to connect via Wi-Fi. Getting iPhone apps without iTunes over a 3G or Edge connection may take a while.



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