What is the Best iPhone Contact Manager App?

What is the Best iPhone Contact Manager App?
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STL Contacts Manager (4 out of 5)

It’s very seldom that you find an app which encourages you to try out the tutorial version first, before it suggests you download and purchase the app. For that, STL Contacts Manager wins our vote. The app goes by the tagline - what if your address book could perform according to the way you use your iPhone and allow you to eliminate extra steps and repetition when organizing your contacts? This app features quick launch, single click contacting, smart keypad, blast email, create contacts fast, integrated functions and more. The app is also Skype friendly and promises a free upgrade soon. (Price: $4.99) (iTunes link)

Orbit Social Phonebook (4 out of 5)

Orbit Social Phonebook

Want to better organize all your contacts on Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS and others in one place? This app is what you need. It lets you group your friends so that you can decide how often and how much you hear from them. Key features of this app include - inner circle which could contain your social circles, social volume to control the communication from your groups of contacts, core controls, enhanced A-Z scrolling and auto-generated favorites which consolidate your contacts and auto-generate a favorite list based on the people you communicate with the most. (Price: Free) (iTunes link)

Address Book Plus (3 out of 5)

Address Book Plus

Here’s a simple app that adds one feature that the default iPhone contacts management app doesn’t have - a group feature. This app lets you better manage your iPhone contacts by creating groups to make browsing faster. The app also lets you show photos when listing contacts, swipe to delete contacts, quickly flip through contacts to add/remove them from any groups at once, edit contact information easily, and add/remove contacts from groups. (Price: $0.99) (iTunes link)

Contacts Master (4 out of 5)

Contacts Master

Using the iPhone native phonebook, this app lets you create, edite and delete groups. It features group mail, group filtering, changing of group member in contact view, easy one-tap interface, contacts sorting and filtering, event viewer, and a great and fast performing search feature. The app also lets you delete contacts easily with a simple swipe gesture. (Price: $1.99) (iTunes link)

YContacts (4 out of 5)


Who says free apps can’t be that great and powerful? This iPhone contact manager app is one example that they can. YContacts lets you organize your contacts by letting you add editable notes for a contact. The app lets you create/rename/delete groups, create/delete/modify notes for a contact, enable group mail, enable Google map view with pin drops, move contacts from one group to another, enlarge the photo image of a contact, make calls, email and access Google maps direct from the app using the contacts info page and other great features to help you better manage your iPhone contacts. (Price: Free) (iTunes link)